Death From Stimulant Injectors

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+719 – I just spawned it, had around 50kg of loot. Popped a SJ6, Mule, and Morphine. I died instantly after.
Cause of death… “stimulant effects”

Be careful out there boys!

2022-04-03 21:22:42

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  1. Mf gave his pmc a heart attack

  2. Felt good for a second though, eh?

  3. Dehydration get you low then MULE killed you maybe?

  4. For about 4 seconds, you were the most dangerous creature in the whole world

  5. The mule is -0.1 health per second. It’s so negligable I’ve never even noticed it. Had to be something else.

  6. My best guess is you were blacked out on head or thorax, used the mule which does dmg over time, and it did damage to one of those spots and you died.

  7. Don’t do drugs kids mmmkayy?

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    WaitingForPlayers2 April 4, 2022 at 12:16 pm

    Junkie dies of overdose, tell me something new lol

  9. Definitely a new addition, i popped an sj6 and mule about two weeks ago and was able to cross all the way from sawmill to outskirts in one stamina bar carrying 60kg (i have max stamina and 43 str)

  10. Normally if i’m above 50kg of loot, i would pop mule, SJ6 & propitol. Cause mule does damage overtime.

  11. Eh probably mule, mule does damage over time

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    Franklin_le_Tanklin April 4, 2022 at 12:16 pm

    Maybe try propitol instead of morphene?

  13. But..But… Morphine is an analgesic opiod painkiller, which is a depressant! What happened to the realism?11?!1!?1

  14. This one time i was a solo survivior of my squad after a messy fight. I was on low health and low energy (but not zero). I had no bleeds, no enemy nearby, i hid in the enclosed area, so noone could snipe me. I opened a tushonca can, eat one spoot of it and died. To this day neither i or anybody in my squad who saw this dont know what killed me. We belive it was food poisoning from a bad tuchonka…

  15. May i ask why you spawned with 50kg of loot and popped a mule right away?

  16. Remember kids, winners don’t do drugs

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    UnemployedDemocrat April 4, 2022 at 12:16 pm

    Why did you pop a mule to start a raid?

  18. I regularly run all three simultaneously. There’s something we’re missing here. Have a clip of it?

  19. Too much drugs nit enough metabolism

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    RunescapeAficionado April 4, 2022 at 12:16 pm

    Would be hilarious and pretty cool if ODing put you on the ground with convulsions or some shit and a small chance to survive, but also gave a chance for other players to help revive you with a new kind of medication.

  21. The morphine should’ve evened you out.

  22. Drugs are bad mmmmkay kids?

  23. Yea it’s called a heart attack.

  24. Sounds like you got a shady dealer my guy

  25. Good haha, I hope this will be more a thing people have to take into consideration from now on. I never liked the meta of people being on stims or painkillers 24/7, like their PMC’s is some sort of roided up turbosatan with a drug addiction

  26. I actually did the same but didnt die. I’m blessed

  27. Bruh I regularly leave reserve with 70 kilos on no Stims, y you spending 150 plus k on stims when you need none

  28. @OP there’s a possibility it was a cheater, I’ve been killed randomly a few times by cheaters and it came up with the last thing tgat damaged me (Fall damage, barbed wire, the last scav that shot me etc…)

  29. I pop 7 stim when i spawn in factory and didnt die ?
    Propital sj6 sj1 mule meldonin 3 btg
    Obodos and i didnt die
    Was on cocain i would say

  30. Good

  31. i mean your heart can only take so much…..

  32. All the people trying to figure it out. You popped 3 in one go, that’s what killed you haha

  33. Seems weird. I pop all 3 of those on woods several times a day. Unless this is some silent patch, I think something else is at play here.

  34. Can someone test it?

  35. Chads are not gonna be happy

  36. I popped a propital, L1 then a mule once I realized the L1 wasn’t gonna cut it and I was fine (this happened yesterday

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