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    ephemeralrecognition April 4, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Is this today? Holy cow is it a nice day

  2. Clear mornings offer the best views and show off the vivid colors of these homes. You can see more of my Bay Area photos on [IG](https://www.instagram.com/thurber_shots/) if interested.

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    suckmygoldcrustedass April 4, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Is this near the daly city/ Pacifica border?

  4. That’s a great pic.

    I grew up in the Sunset and we used to think of Daly City as being an extension of the Sunset separated by the zoo and Lake Merced.

  5. the colors on the houses only seem to make sense in beautiful, golden daylight

  6. There’s a pink one and a green one
    And a blue one and a yellow one
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same 🙂

  7. What street?

  8. r/DalyCity

  9. Hey this is my street! The houses on the odd side can see Pacifica Pier and Pedro Point from the living room windows.

  10. If only it was warm as well

  11. Hey I used to live there!

  12. I know that neighborhood. My Grandmother (when she was alive) used to live on the next street over before it partially collapsed.

  13. I had no idea.

  14. What general area/street is this? Daly City is a tough city to drive in so I never ventured into it but this looks legit.

  15. What street is this on?

  16. I miss hazy Daly City days….

  17. Nice try Daly City realtor. It’s still a boring place to live.

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