1. Is that one of the yeow bananas? Mine loves his yeow cigars!

  2. My cat has this exact toy. He ARORES it, he isn’t one to play with toys but whenever he sees it he runs over to roll on it.

    Edit: your void is adorable

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    u_got_dat_butta_love April 5, 2022 at 7:58 am

    Just r/fruitbatcats things

  4. excellent

  5. My cars love everything this company makes. They must have the best nip.

  6. Pic 3 is proper r/Stealthbombers form

  7. Please share these pics at r/blackcats also!

    The fact he fell asleep with the banana in his mouth is icing on the cake, I love him 🖤🖤

  8. Nice Cromching!

  9. those bananas are the best cat toy ever, i have two of them and both my cats love them

  10. r/Teefies materialllll, and maybe a little r/AttackEyes

    r/BlurryPicturesofCats would appreciate a few of these shots of this beautiful void’s face too hehe

  11. Gorgeous!!!

  12. This banana cromch has made my entire day. Thank you.

  13. Such a cutie in the fifth pic.

  14. Banana successfully cromched, time for nap

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    skeptical-spectacles April 5, 2022 at 7:58 am

    Adorable pics, op.

  16. What a polite handsome fella you got! Even offered to his sissies 🖤 I love him!

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