1. The day I realized this was like 🤯

    Also: [Not Just Bikes: Cities aren’t loud, cars are loud.](https://youtu.be/CTV-wwszGw8)

  2. Hmmm 70% of the noise i tend to hear in my area is traffic from the nearby road.

    The other 30% is that one dog.

  3. Ever been to Utrecht? It’s noticeably quieter than your average city, even with all those buses driving around.

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    AggressivelyAnnoyed April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    I lived near San Francisco awhile back and can confirm. A lot of San Francisco’s geography forces cars to slow down and mass transit is pretty good out there. It’s one of the quietest US cities I’ve been in except for when they had events like people creating armor and weapons from cardboard and having swordfights.

  5. You ever been to Venice? Wonderful city. So quiet and peaceful yet so busy.

  6. Especially the damn delivery trucks

  7. Snow dampens sound, and there’s also less people out and about after a heavy snowfall

  8. I mean, this is partially true. But living in New York, construction noise is a far bigger nuisance unless you live on an avenue or near an intersection. Same with loud people.

  9. When COVID first started, and no one could drive anywhere, it was the most peaceful, pleasant, and quiet outside has ever been.

  10. Ehh well, NY does have a large amount of general noise in addition to cars. Like the cars are bad, the city is known as the “honk” state for a reason. But alot of the noise you’ll hear (sometimes welcomed) is music, talking/yelling, construction etc. Cars just drown out the rest and make everything worse, however.

  11. I dont disagree with the idea that cars are the main noise polluters in New York but the logic here is pretty flawed. When there is a snowstorm there are less people outside too. Most importantly snow acts as a natural sound insulator. It absorbs sounds like a sponge, reducing noise from everything. That being said I love the idea of a New York with only necessary vehicles.

  12. People are loud, and people are all inside during a snow storm. Public transport is going to reduce much noise.

  13. Snowfall dampens echoing, everything gets more quiet when it snows.

  14. I always want to ask this sub one thing…okay lets say cars are no more,both electric and petrol…how will you travel and go around the world,lets say you want to go to another state?

  15. Feh, I get to hear both the highway, and industrial machinery, all day. Occasionally punctuated by the asshole across the street who flies his helicopter to work. I hate that helicopter so much.

  16. And you hear different sounds. Wind in the trees. People talking, laughing. Birds.
    Living with a constant traffic noise makes your brain filter out all background sounds, even nice ones.

  17. plus snow is a great sound dampener

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    myfavoritesparestuff April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Seems like this won’t be an issue in 10-15 years. We’ll just have a bunch of quiet cities on account of electric cars.

  19. Snow also absorbs sound. Even next to a busy road it is quieter when there’s a blanket of snow

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    WingsOfDesperation April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Right, so just fuck every group of people ever, they definitely aren’t loud /s

  21. Just FYI

    I live in Sweden, so I know a bit about snow. And although snowy weather tends to reduce traffic, it’s sound absorbing properties also plays a really big part when you experience the slice during a snow storm.
    Both absorbing sound and reducing echoing between buildings, but also reducing tyre noise because of the lesser friction to the pavement.

  22. Really any city. The town I go to college in has a 4 lane stroad running through the middle and one day, when there was snow and ice on the road, so no one drove, was amazing, because no one was driving.

  23. I don’t mean to go ‘well ackshually’, but cities have been loud AF throughout history, since they were first created

  24. Electric cars can be totally silent. So maybe hate on combustion engines instead.

  25. Also people don’t light fireworks off in the snow usually

  26. I can almost tell the time of day by how much noise is coming from the nearby freeway.

    It gets loud before and after rush hour, then ironically is quiet *at* rush hour because the traffic is stopped.

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    TechnicalTerrorist April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Just came back to NOVA from a NYC trip, the fucking construction, yelling at times is also noisy, and even the subways are noisy if you walk over a grate

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    Educational_Train537 April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    And people are also loud.

  29. electric cars is the solution

  30. lets fix that with a straight piped LS

  31. And people. You forgot people.

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    definitely_not_bees April 5, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Lol nope, cities are fucking loud even without cars

  33. r/im14andthisisdeep

  34. they arent.
    maybe consider the fact its a city and thus theres going to be people moving with vehicles.

    the sheer stupidity of this sub is incredible

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