1. Oh yeah. We steal your lands, screw it up, and now we need your help!

    If I were native, I would be saying “Yeah, give us the land you are having trouble with back, and I mean full independence from you jackalopes, and sure, we’ll get right on it.”

  2. It really makes you wonder why they waited so long to do so. Wildfires are normal in dry areas but climate change has made them much worse especially in the past few years you would think they would have seemed out help awhile ago.

  3. There’s a great book, 1491, that has a lot about indigenous manipulation of the land. Controlled. Burns, planting trees that bore fruit and nuts etc. They say the forests were like gardens. You could drive a wagon through them because they did not have underbrush.

    I wonder if that knowledge still exists though. I hope so.

  4. Controlled burning is actually a super smart idea but goddamn the Manifest Destiny kicked out most native america tribes, and now when the forests are on fire they give them back saying “you fix them, if they burn up, not our problem.”

  5. Obviously it was worse than shit for early Americans (my ancestors) to mass murder and steal from the native peoples. Clearly, no doubt, it bears mentioning every time relations come up. I’m not questioning that.

    What I question, however, is what we are supposed to do now. If we think native people have wisdom and knowledge that can help – that we tried to exterminate – should we not ask them? Does it honor the memory of their ancestors if we do not ask for their help? Would asking for help not also forward some process of apologizing and seeking restoration?

    Many comments here appear critical of this request for assistance, when I think it’s a good thing – even in light of, and perhaps because of, the failures of my ancestors.

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    YUNORecycleUsernames April 4, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Tax golf courses an additional 20% for being giant wastes of land and give the money to the tribes to do this.

  7. Sooooo ummmm we know we stole ya land and alllll but we need help

  8. My my my how the tables have turned

  9. With the ever increasing devastation of bushfires in Australia in recent years, Indigenous methods of controlled burns and land management has been considered on a national level. Guess what?…….the white fellas in government can’t figure out how they can make that work.

  10. The problem isn’t the state of CA, They’ve been working at this for a while. The problem is the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), who require EXTENSIVE paperwork before every single prescribed burn. There are several 50-60 page documents that need to be established before conducting, and most Tribes just don’t have the capacity to do it. On top of that there are very few burn bosses in the bottom half of CA, and you need burn bosses to conduct burns.

  11. CALIFORNIA: “Hey Bro, can you please protect the lands we stole from you? Thanks bro. Solid!”

  12. I don’t understand. Are we asking tribes to do this on their own land, or are tribes asking to perform ceremonies, or are we asking tribes to perform their ceremonies on public lands before CA officials initiate low-intensity burns?

    Because if it’s the latter, I fail to see how this is “help” and anything more than some serious state-level fetishization.

  13. “Lazy white people calling on brown people to do there work for them, as usual”

    Headline fixed.

  14. Why call Americans “native Americans” instead of calling the others “non native Americans”?

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    Ok_Cantaloupe_7423 April 4, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Have they tried building more “traditional” casinos on that sacred land they use?

  16. “not my land, not my problem” would be the perfect answer if it didnt affect everyone.

  17. You mean that thing that you made illegal 100 years ago?

  18. Fucking lol, we’re calling upon the same people we genocide to solve the problems we have created

  19. The same is true in Australia. People who have been living on that land for thousands of years know what they’re doing.

  20. The tribes don’t have much hidden knowledge. Nothing was written down and ecology has changed dramatically in 150 years.

  21. Donald Trump suggested this and I believe was call racist or something along those lines.

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