1. Calli’s face is perfect

  2. The C-Man is hard to wash off.

  3. C-Man ^(handwaves) ~*Everywhere*

  4. C-man is being plastered all over the internet

  5. Those adds are shoving C-man through our throaths. C-man is too sticky

  6. C-Man’s flow will always stick in my head

  7. i wish someone would be able to make an animated MV of ‘C-man’. I can’t stop laughing every time i hear it!

  8. Man, don’t dont you hate having C-Man in your face all the time?

  9. C-Man is blowing up all over the place. You can’t escape.

  10. >C-man won’t leave me alone

    The lyrics said it all lol

    >Until the day you die!

  11. Dead beats listen up

  12. Reply
    Affectionate-Tip-164 April 4, 2022 at 11:10 am

    It truly is, your boy’s C-man.

  13. deadbeats, jerking now

  14. semen

  15. I wonder what was lonely Island response to the three songs, since it’s really like a homage to them in a way.

  16. is it photoshopped or did someone really buy the ads?

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