1. Both parents need to shut up and stop talking about their kids publicly.

  2. Her story kinda just writes itself – misused and abused as a child, unable to parent as an adult, not mature enough to not heap her issues on the kids. I pity her, but that’s so many people’s story.

  3. Maybe this is a conversation to be had with them directly, and not a bunch of celebrity news outlets.

  4. I don’t envy the children of celebrities. No amount of money or luxury could ever make up for it.

    We have a family friend who is the son of a deceased celebrity. His trust fund is immense. He’s miserable. He has serious drug/addiction problems. Ruined his marriage. Never had a real job, all his businesses fail.

    Give me a quiet, modest life over that.

  5. Good parents don’t let their kids post videos of themselves I’m compromising situations. Good parents don’t go public with private information about their children. Good parents don’t respond publicly when other parents do. Everyone here is fucked for failing those boys.

  6. What I don’t understand is why she says that she spent 20 years of her life on them and then article says that they are 16 and 15.

  7. This is exactly why Kevin deciding to drag his boys into the spotlight – and then doubling down on it – was a bad idea.

    The boys probably have their own – perfectly valid – issues with her. That’s fine and they shouldn’t be judged for that. I imagine their relationship with her is pretty complicated. She can be a well-meaning parent, whose behaviour still might make it difficult for her kids to handle.

    But publicly posting videos of her at a time when she was under an abusive conservatorship – videos that we don’t even have the full context for – and setting up his own kids to be criticised is pretty bad parenting.

    It’s also quite bizarre when he’s complaining that they’re embarrassed by her nude pictures – but her filming countless sexy photoshoots and videos whilst being forced to work (work he financially benefitted from) was completely fine?

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    total_fucking_chaos August 11, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    I think she’s weird and fucked up because of her life. Kinda like Michael Jackson.

    This shit doesn’t belong in the fucking news.

  9. It kinda feels like Brittney got MJ’ed — her fucked up youth resulted in a perpetual state of childish demeanor.

  10. If only someone could have guessed that teenage boys don’t want to see their mother posting nude pictures on Instagram.

  11. I mean, Kevin really didn’t have to do that. Pretty unnecessary. Even if you have some of her craziest secrets it should feel better to know you’re special enough to have them & keep them Vs sharing them with the world to hurt her.

  12. Maybe her having more kids isn’t the best idea…

  13. Cue all of the Britney stans that now threaten her kids for treating her unfairly.

  14. Starting to think she isn’t the healthy well adjusted individual her recent PR campaign has claimed.

  15. I’m not sure why Kevin took all this public after being pretty quiet and private for so long. My guess is she had really been pushing and he felt the need to do something about it, though cynically I wonder if he got paid a lot for the interview. But I feel for the kids. They seem happy and secure in their life with him and their stepmom, and while the conservatorship was obviously exploitative, I think Britney is also clearly mentally ill and it likely gave them a lot of peace.

  16. If your kids don’t want to see you, you might be the problem.

  17. Who would have thought k fed would be the preferred parent.

  18. All these Britney Spears pick me’s and Simps all over the Internet are fueling the flames for a potentially bad situation.

  19. This sounds like the manipulative shit my mom says when her kids don’t want to visit her cause she’s bat shit crazy.

  20. I’m 100% against that conservatorship.

    But Britney is trashy so I don’t blame the kids.

  21. Why do I have a feeling that she’s a parent that puts needs before the needs of her children

  22. Yeah, so will her kids. I’m all for the “leave Britney alone” movement, but I have two rules where I get upset: 1. Don’t fuck with kids. 2. Don’t fuck with animals.

    Saying “my kids caused me trauma” because of the trauma she caused is absurdly bad parenting. It’s also a statement a narcissist would make.

  23. How about the trauma they suffered by having her as their mother?

  24. I’m sorry for what happened to her. But she needs to take ownership of her actions for ONCE in her life. Everything is about her – not once does she consider how her actions affect her children and her relationship with them.

    And now all the stans are starting to drag the kids, which is utterly DISGUSTiNG. Why don’t any of them care about the boys TRAUMA??

  25. The article links to screenshots of the instagram post… the trauma comment is like a single sentence of a really strange four page stream-of-consciousness post. As others have said, it was poor form to air out dirty laundry with kids involved even further, but I’m not sure how anyone can actually read the post and think this is someone who’s mental health is in a good place.

  26. Mental illness is not your fault but it is your responsibility

    Ive loved Britney since I was 7 and I’ll always been a fan but she is messy. She needs to be in some serious family counseling with these kids and her ex so they can sort this out in a healthy way, not by posting weird shit on Instagram and publicly talking about your kids

  27. Is Britney a victim of her father.. probably yes!

    Is she a shitty mother to talk about her kids in an instagram post, for sure!

  28. Yeah this whole thing is BADBADNOTGOOD. But to make the conscious decision to post videos of your kids in abusive situations for all to see? Just to prove a point? Things like this are best dealt with in private but regardless, the kids are the ones that suffer most.

  29. They were just leaving Britney alone

  30. She’s an adult, regardless.

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