1. Ill never understand the fascination with celebs. They are cool. They often give me stuff i want like movies, clothes, music, etc.

    But god damn when they finish their “9 to 5”, thats it. I go home. They go home.

  2. Does paparazzi even need to exist in the age of social media? With Instagram and Twitter, celebrities can’t shut the fuck up about what they’re doing if anything

  3. She’s *so* beautiful

  4. I doubt paparazzi care.

  5. Capitalism is a double-edged sword, so this is the price you pay for fame.

  6. More kids, great! Glad she won’t be terrorizing poor film crews for a bit. She’s an absolute nightmare until her husband visits set. All of her followers deserve to work with her for a day, I’ll just leave it at that.

  7. Why do they announce their private lives 24/7 then?

  8. The way Ryan is treating her vagina like a clown car freaks me out.

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