Blade Barrage is an absolute joke of a super.

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+646 – I’m not sure what Bungie is trying to do with this super, its terrible at boss damage and not good at ad clear at all. Yes its a fast cooldown but there is no point if its worse than every other super in the game at just about everything. The rest of the subclass is actually fun throwing knives and getting fast recharges.

I hope that Solar 3.0 changes this super or perhaps gives it healing on burn damage or something along those lines to make it more viable cause at the moment its just awful and doesnt feel good to use at all.

2022-04-04 02:58:43

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  1. To this day, I still hold a shards of galanor for hope that one day Bungie will buff the super again

  2. It used to be a KING of both boss and ad clear, got nerfez got even more nerfed when shards of galanor got nerfed, and now it’s just bad at just about everything until solar 3.0 lmao

  3. As others have said, it was once a really great super, the Hunter’s first true shutdown/panic/instant burst super a la Nova Bomb, but it was has been left to languish quite a bit due to nerfs specific to the super itself and also other more global changes (i.e., the move away from exotic armor pieces that return super energy). My guess is that they know it needs tuning/a role in the meta, but are waiting for Solar 3.0 to implement their changes, which is fine by me, as long as it gets the attention it needs there. Would love for it to come back as a viable option, it was really fun when it was powerful.

  4. My greatest fear for Solar 3.0 is that we’re going to lose the knife spam shenanigans that make that tree fun, and somehow *not* get a worthwhile Blade Barrage out of it.

    That said, if I had to choose I’d keep the knife spam over Blade Barrage, the Young Ahamkara’s Spine build is one of my favorite casual Hunter loadouts.

  5. I’m hoping it gets the Moebius Quiver treatment. I love everything about Blade Barrage: it’s look, it’s feel, it’s neutral game, how *damn stylish it is*. It just sucks tho.

    I want to be able to Blade Barrage the Witness’s gross milky face and make it hurt.

  6. It used to be amazing, but the nerf hammer stole its glory.

  7. Hopefully, keyword access on top of damage tuning will get Blade Barrage to a more enjoyable state. The Blade Barrage and Shards of Galanor nerfs did weird things. Once I watched my brother launch a Ultra Captain vertically… somehow?

    I’m not confident that Gunslingers are going to get Aspect that provides healing, but a Healing Fragment seems pretty likely based on the Void ones. We’ll have to see what effects end up in Solar’s repertoire.

  8. Considering the rework Tethers received, I imagine Blade Barrage will get a rework too, hopefully. Because that was my favorite super to use

  9. I’m hoping and praying for good changes.

    The quiver changes give me hope BUT THEN….
    doing absolutely nothing to spectral blades because “it’s a PvP super and doesn’t need to be good in PvE” doesn’t give me high hopes.

  10. It’s definitely more useful in pvp. But even there It’s mediocre.

  11. If blade barrage left sunspots where every knife landed it would become best ad clear super in the game

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    eggfacemcticklesnort April 4, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    Doesn’t help that shards of gallanor is WILDLY inconsistent at returning super energy, specifically when doing boss damage. There are times where you get nothing back at all, and others where you get the full 50%. No indication why.

  13. Why is this always controversial?

    Whenever I see a post talking about this super, or really any post about Hunter abilities being factually underwhelming in pve, the upvote count is low and comments are high

    Blade barrage is the worst super in the game atm. It needs buffed or reworked

  14. I bet they are not touching it cuz of solar 3.0 upcoming
    stay tuned I might say, they should apparently fix the damage but the thing that it’s fastly charged might affect dps meta, maybe thats the problem?

  15. Let’s not forget that this ultimate can actually kill you lol. It carries you in the direction moving when fired, so if you’re moving forward when firing, and too close to your target, when the blades detonate, they deal self splash damage.

    The ultimate could use some love

  16. I run BB because of Ophidia Spathe and playing with fire, it’s an addictive playstyle.

    But the super itself ain’t great.

  17. It was too much like void bomb and warlocks are contractually obligated to have all the best supers so it got nerfed into the dirt.

  18. OP did you play at the time of Forsaken? I remember it like if it was yesterday.

    This super was the most absurd thing in the universe at the time. Hunters played nothing but middle tree gunslinger after acquiring it. And no, the other classes and subclasses didn’t really compete with it, not even Chaos Reach.

    But then it was nerfed to the ground because people simply wouldn’t stop using it.

  19. Every hunter super feels bad in 3v3 pvp right now. Either they take way to long to unlock them or they are lacklustre in how they function.

  20. I’m hoping that with solar 3.0, Bungo will finally make this a decent super again

  21. They also need to fix Shards. It’s supposed to return super energy on kills *and* damage but I can’t count how many times I’ve used the super on a boss, all the knives hit, and I get no energy return.

  22. It’s super strong on Acolytes though…

  23. I only use blade barrage for infinite trip mines w/ Young Ahamkaras.

  24. Tell that to that jive hive mfka that be shredding anything ain’t hidden like Ikora’s Hidden 😳

  25. Isn’t just all the Hunter solar just not good anymore? I used celestial nighthawk for the first time in years.. 365k against Rhulk? Like, yeah.. That’s good, but 36% what I’m used to seeing, lmao. An entire exotic armor piece and I’d do more for the team and myself if I just used Tether :l

    I used blade barrage on ogre dude in the new raid on the last phase first plate.. Hit him with three knives 😂 Most of the time, I’ll use it to clear ads and it still misses most of them, close or medium distance.

    The only good one is six shooter, but for ad clear which every other weapon does just fine now, especially with void builds-

    I’ll let it slide for now since this is the season of void. Just sucks that solar is only good for PvP.

  26. Just chill, solar 3.0 is coming this year. The game has changed over time.

  27. Shame I can’t reply with videos because I recently posted one of BB being absolutely terrible on my tiktak

  28. Okay I don’t wanna be that guy but are hunters seriously complaining again? The only time I’ve ever seen you guys happy is when Scales first dropped and Blight Ranger was busted. I’ve come to believe that hunter mains are only happy when their class breaks the game.

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