Bill Simmons on his podcast – “I am not bending the rules…

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+1445 – Continued …. “I’m not putting Jokic as a forward given how they tally the votes and all of a sudden he’s still on the 2nd team. If I think Jokic is better than Embiid, I’m putting him on 1st team and Embiid on the 2nd team”.

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2022-04-04 16:19:49

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  1. Bill has always maintained that he tries to make his All-NBA teams look like real teams that could take the court.

  2. Look I’m all for going positionless and all. But then DO IT, don’t say there are position to then allow voters to put guys who haven’t played one second at a position there for all nba teams.

    BTW how many players got screwed in NBA history because of positions ? All the centers from the 1990’s never got the luxury of being voted at 3 positions (one center, two forwards)for no reason.

    So chose one way or the other, but if you chose to keep the positions don’t do weird stuff like that.

  3. Hakeem was on three Second Teams and three Third teams. It happens. Either Jokic or Embiid is the best center, the other is the second best center. That’s just how it goes. There’s nothing “unfair” about it.

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    AbbreviationsHot4482 April 4, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Imagine if Embiid and Jokic’s vote splits in half between forward and center than somehow Gobert gets 1st team

  5. Just fucking make it frontcourt backcourt already

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    Kevin_DurSuperTeam April 4, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Stuff like All NBA is the only thing we should be listening to Bill about. He was able to immediately give Ryen three examples of situations where a top 3 player didn’t make 1st team All NBA. Very impressive stuff from Billy boy.

  7. I agree with this mentality.

    If Hakeem, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, and Shaq all had to compete for the center spot in the 90s, it’s fair to make Embiid and Jokic do the same right now.

  8. he also says it’s possible Embiid would win MVP while being on 2nd team… which would be interesting.

  9. Agreed. You vote them in at the position they play. When the All NBA Team becomes positionless and then you take the top players. But now, one of them won’t make the 1st team and that’s just how it goes.

  10. Hard to argue with Bill here. Just change the rules. Making these exceptions is just stupid.

  11. Bill is 100% right. The All-NBA team should be dissolved and all related incentives – if they must exist – based on MVP voting, 15 players listed on each ballot.

  12. Patrick Ewing didn’t even make all nba in a year he finished 4th in MVP voting

  13. I actually agree.

    It would be great if they could both win MVP, but one has to get first place and one has to get second or third place, just like first team and second team, it just so happens that they two best players are centers.

    It’s annoying that the all nba has financial implications, and they really should change the positions, but until then, those are teh positions, they should also keep PG, SG, SF, PF until they change it. Booker’s not a PG, Tatum’s not a SG etc

  14. I still don’t have a clear answer on this – but is every player on the court technically and formally assigned one of the 5 positions at all times ? Is the scorer’s table just guessing on these? are the coaches giving the scorer’s table info ?

    When SG Jordan Poole subs in for C Kevon Looney in the first quarter, is everyone just shifting around? Is JP technically playing C now?

  15. When AD’s camp fought for him to be listed at Center in 2020 because they knew Giannis and Lebron would get the top 2 forward spots when AD hardly played Center and was mostly flanked by Mcgee and Howard thats when these stupid conversations started. Both Embiid and Jokic should be first team and it should be like the allstar game where its frontcourt and backcourt.

  16. He’s right

  17. If we are giving Jokic a secondary position anyway it should be guard and not forward.

    It’s ridiculous, just make it positionless and give the first team to the top 5 players in the NBA

  18. Fair enough, the league should look to make the requirements and positioning for all NBA more flexible, but voters shouldn’t need to bend over backwards to, even if it’s to have the 2 (of 3) players with the best season on the first team

  19. not used to agreeing with Bill Simmons

  20. Neither played forward this season, so none should be voted as a forward

  21. Tim Bontemps pleasured himself to this quote

  22. I don’t know what the big deal is. Whatever happens at least both Jokic and Embiid will still be all-nba. Back in the 90s there were some years Patrick Ewing didn’t even get to be on an all-nba team much less first team because he constantly had to compete with the likes of Hakeem, David Robinson and Shaq for the center position. Now that’s having it rough.

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    The_Mootz_Pallucci April 4, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Why is it a problem that there are constraints on positions? If a position is stacked through the three All NBA teams, let it be.

    It seems silly to go positionless rather than accepting the skill and talent within the league has increased

  24. They need to keep it strict man. PGs with PGs, PFs with PFs etc.

  25. Nba “This is a problem we created and are aware of, but you fix it though lmao”

  26. The whole conversation about the system is kind of ridiculous because we have always had positional flexibility everywhere BUT the center position. When Curry and Harden were the 2 best players in the regular season a few years ago they both played PG and there was no hand wringing over only having one PG on the All NBA team. They both made it cause the ALL NBA teams have positional flexibility everywhere but the center position.

    Either have positional flexibility or don’t. Luka and Steph might both be on the ALL NBA team this year and no one cares that there will be 2 PGs on it, which means no SG and no one is saying what about the best SG why aren’t they going to be on it, but people are like whoa if Embiid and Jokic are both on it, then the 2nd best forward in the league might have to be on the second team.

    The question seems to be whether or not we either want to keep screwing those at the C position (or propping them up) or treating them like any other position where if there are 2 in the top 5 players at that position they both get in, or if there are none (like SG this year)no one gets in and I’d argue just make your rules the same for EVERY position or go with just top 5.

  27. That’s fair and it’s also fair to put out the 5 best players and have no regard for stupid arbitrary positions because it’s 2022 and it’s positionless basketball

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    nowhathappenedwas April 4, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    >”I am not bending the rules and putting Jokic and Embiid on the same all NBA team. Jokic and Embiid are center’s and its ridiculous to put one of them as a forward until they change the requirements”

    Correct. There’s a reasonable argument that All NBA Teams should be position-less.

    But the NBA giving out permission slips for certain players to be eligible at positions they never play is ridiculous.

    >”I’m not putting Jokic as a forward given how they tally the votes and all of a sudden he’s still on the 2nd team. If I think Jokic is better than Embiid, I’m putting him on 1st team and Embiid on the 2nd team”.

    Bill Simmons doesn’t understand how All NBA ballots are tallied. Voting for Jokic at forward won’t make him any less likely to make the First Team.

  29. Basketball isn’t positionless, there are still defined roles but it’s more like guards/ball handlers, wings and bigs.

  30. Just change the award game to NBA top 15.

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    Ihaveasmallpeepee69 April 4, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    1st Team: Ja, Luka, Giannis, Tatum, Embiid

    2nd Team: Curry, Booker, KD, Lebron, Jokic

    3rd Team: DeRozen, Trae, Butler, Siakim, KAT

  32. Another example of where “awards” and “legacies” and other self-righteous bullshit only exist to make fans/the media feel more important about themselves.

    Any “All-NBA first team” vote that doesn’t include Jokic, Giannis and Embiid is just a fucking joke.

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