1. In California we are getting screwed everyday. Almost $2 a gallon more than national average. Why just us?
    Edit, I know the partial why with our gas taxes but that isn’t the whole of it.

  2. Listen, I love low gas prices, i love low priced everything, but its time to be accountable for what is ACTUALLY happening, instead of pretending the poor powerless government is being taken for a ride by the big bad oil companies.

    You, the Fed, the oligarchs, the oil producers you all have been acting against the average American’s best interest, and now thay the chicken’s are coming to roost, Inflation looks comical, this whole misinformation campaign by all sides makes me sick.

    You shouldn’t be in power if what you do is not making the country any better off. This finger pointing situation is absolutely childish. Gas is going to get expensive very soon and it has nothing to do with Hurricane Ian.

    Gas prices always spiked in hard hit hurricane locations, mainly due to the obvious, from literally millions relying on generators, to truck drivers risking their lives through storm ravaged and flooded roads to deliver the gasoline. That isn’t anyone one company’s fault, as much as we all hate big oil.

    >B-b-but record profits

    I understand, but that gas is 3.70 in Florida, and that is 14 cents cheaper than last month. Californians are paying double that and there is no hurricane.

  3. $7.15 for Supreme at a gas station in California, not under $6 for any grade. What is happening? I’m moving to electric for my next car. Tired of being ripped off.

  4. Oil is globally traded commodity and no one nation or individual can control the price or the production.

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    tacticalsauce_actual October 1, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    Bidens understanding of economics would make him fit in here with most of the people on this sub.

  6. But how can they afford to deliver fuel in a period of record profits?

  7. Cool. So gas companies will have no extra incentive to deliver much needed product to an area that’s wildly dangerous to deliver goods to.

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    AnySeaworthiness9381 October 1, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    I only call bullshit because Bro already doesn’t even remember saying that anymore (probably)

  9. Biden uses the storm as an excuse to send more money to his off shore bank in Ukraine

  10. Lol…

  11. We can look at the effects of price gouging from two perspectives: supply and demand.

    On the demand side, increasing the price of these goods makes consumers more conscious of their purchases. In other words, this encourages people to live within their means. When a disaster is incoming, such as a hurricane or a blizzard, people will see others at grocery stores stocking up on water and other essentials. They will, however, purchase too much if the price stays the same. Whereas a storm and its immediate aftermath may last for a few days, people will purchase enough to last them for months, resulting in shortages.

    By increasing the price of a good, customers are more likely to purchase only what they need to survive. Now, many will say that this just means that the rich will outbid the poor on necessary resources. But this is not the case when one thinks on the margin. In everyday life, the rich don’t outbid the poor on food because the rich do not need all the food in the world. They will only purchase food so long as the perceived benefit acquired is worth more than the money they will have lost if they make the purchase. In other words, price gouging stops the rich from buying all of the water and thus allows the poor to buy water that they may desperately need.


  12. Old man yelling at gas pumps again…

  13. The truth is, all oil producers are price takers. There is one oligopoly that openly manipulates prices, but even they can only go so far. The biggest American producer is something like 3% of global production, so no producers are swaying the market.

    Refineries are at capacity, and are leveraging their pricing power, but they are doing that because they are at capacity, not because they are mean. It takes many years to build refineries, so they aren’t doing that based on today’s prices. Ask yourself honestly, if you were a forward thinking billionaire, would you build new refineries? Or would you decide that electric cars and other technologies are right around the corner, so why not make the extra profits today while you can, and let your equipment age out.

    The other question is, if you support the transition to cleaner energy, and believe in basic economic principles, shouldn’t you support higher prices? That’s what incents people to buy electric cars, install solar panels, etc.

  14. Nord Stream

  15. Does he not know how “free market” economies work, or is he just pretending?

  16. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9faXk6tM7FI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9faXk6tM7FI)

  17. He didn’t just say it, he *declared* it

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