1. >Bodhidharma receives the severed arm of his disciple Hui Ke, depicted on a mural at Daewonsa Temple. Korea, Joseon period, 17th century

  2. Happens to the best of us.

  3. Very first time I tried edibles I ate 20 mgs. I started with 10, waited an hour and decided this was weak. I ate another 10 and 90 minutes later I was on the moon.

  4. It’s nice to know that if you exceed your current recommended maximum dose of THC, you wind up getting stuck with a very pleasant nap.

  5. When the fart was a little wetter than usual.

  6. I went to my local vape shop for some beer and they had delta 9 samples on the counter. I don’t ever smoke weed or do edibles. It’s very rare. But for some reason this night I decided I would oblige. I ate one. Said damn that’s pretty good, then ate another one. The clerk looked at me in disbelief and says “Are you trying to get high?!” I just shrugged my shoulders and walked out. I got home and started packing some bags for my holiday trip then it hit me. It hit me so hard. I couldn’t pack a bag. My hands didn’t go where I wanted them to. My mind was going crazy and my body was so relaxed. I ended up turning my fan on and getting under the covers and going to bed. I woke up like 9 hours later still high. With a 9 hour drive ahead of me. It was wild. Definitely took too much. I’m pretty sure I broke through the other side of the matrix at one point.

  7. They can take up to 2 hours to kick in and 6 hours to wash out.

  8. Did that one before a flight. The first one didn’t kick in after an hour. I took another just before security. I figured I’d have a nice nap on the plane.

    Na. The second one along with the first one kicked in while boarding… that was a wild flight.

  9. Mistake is not the word… it’s a learning experience 🤣

  10. We’ve all been there, have a good one buddy!

  11. I did that once and forgot how to eat.

  12. Or the 3 hits of acid you just ate was actually 4 way. OOOOOOPPPPPSSS!!!

  13. No, no. That’s when you double down and have a third. That way it’s not a question of *if* you’ll see your god… it’s when.

  14. Oh my God. I know this is going to sound very [r/nothiwdrugs](https://www.reddit.com/r/nothiwdrugs) work, but I once ate a cookie that had me high as shit from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday morning. It was awful. I had to call in sick on Monday and almost called in again Tuesday. I was able to remind myself that it was only temporary through most of Sunday but on Monday around lunchtime I was crying because I just couldn’t see myself sobering up again.

    I’m a lightweight with weed, and the guy who made brought the cookies to the party only intended for somebody with a solid tolerance to take a single bite. It was probably 5 inches across. I’ve never taken an edible from him again. Now, it’s a funny story but at the time i was very distraught and my poor wife had no idea what to do.

  15. Should not have taken on the bhut jolokia dare

  16. Is it just me or is the wooden beam smirking at him?

  17. You can always take more, but you can never take less afterwards.

  18. Was it *just* a fart?!

  19. When you fart and the plug pops out

  20. Have I taken another edible already or do I just forget because I already took another edible? I should take another just to be sure.

  21. Here I am taking 100mg+ and feeling a bit odd… I hate that I’m resistant to edibles

  22. This’ll be me in 30 minutes lol

  23. Yee I always tell folks to not follow my lead, take how much they’re comfortable with etc.

    Long time daily toker, and my edibles are usually over 100mg. I found out online that 10mg is a usual dose? Blew my mind.

  24. ドアマウス ンが言ったことを覚えている ください

  25. I wish I would’ve waited 2 min more. The first one hit shortly after eating it, the 2nd one hit in 30 and I had a bad experience

  26. “ThiS aCiD iSn’T WorKinG. I’m GOnnA TaKe aNOtHeR OnE!”

    Like clockwork, the second the next hit touches your tongue, the first one hits you like a freight train.

    Rookie mistakes.

    Here, take 3, they’re small.

  27. You wake up and the high isn’t done. You have work in an hour.

  28. Lol

  29. I never regret having a nice nap after I’m 3 brownies deep.

  30. A few years back I got an enhanced driver’s license that allows me to cross into Canada without a passport. I took a trip to go “test it out” one day, and realizing that I had 4 edibles in my vehicle, I decided to eat them instead of throwing them away. I must have been very obviously baked because the very polite Canadian customs agent told me that they were going to search my vehicle and asked if I had any marijuana products. I answer no, they search my shit, then 15 minutes later give me the all clear to enter.

    This picture is how I looked when it dawned on me that I was now in a foreign country where my money and cell phone didn’t work, high as hell with nowhere to go and no reason to even be there, operating a motor vehicle where shit goes by kilometers instead of miles.

    I actually had a pretty pleasant drive home though, all things considered.

  31. One time when i was a teen, I ate a tbsp if cannabutter and tripped tf out it was fun until It felt like I was going to die

  32. I remember i had a bag of 500 mg edibles. I had one, then three more. Took a bit of a trip, but its not the absolute most ive taken, plus i had a redbull.

    Found out the next day my plug had made them 800mg by accident. Bought the rest of the batch.

    Note: i know they were that much cause that shit stank of weed through a scented plastic bag to the extent when i opened my backpack everyone in the car smelled it almosr immediately.

    Hot tip: drifring is fun. Not as much when you cant remember exactly which down gravity is.

    Edit: also a good note, even one of those things probably coulda taken me out of it for a hot minute. (And the next day lol) The hardest part was probably either not throwing up or the bad thoughts. Would do it again.

  33. Idk if this is a sign I should, or should not have the second one I’ve been thinking about lmao

  34. Honestly, I think this is a joke famous people say when they can’t think of any good jokes. Do people actually regret getting higher from the second edible? My guess would be no. SO WHY SAY THE JOKE?! OHH YOU WASTE MY TIME READING THIS LIE AND IM SUPPOSED TO PRETEND ITS FUNNY OR SOMETHING?!

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