1. But does it include driving on the right side?

  2. How would you describe his motivations behind wanting a federation? He was very staunchly against Brexit, but you could well imagine his profile of voter to be for.

  3. GBP and the British plug?

  4. Huh, I always imagined him as a Tory voter

  5. Well we do get the charger atleast.

  6. We need to have a referendum on the best butt-plug cause we never gonna have one type fits all 😉

  7. **Yes, I think you overestimate the quality of wiring in most places.**

  8. [United States of Europe ](https://youtu.be/afaQ4GSNZMg)

  9. And a Single side for driving cars.

  10. Such a shame investigations into a standardised plug all concluded it to not be feasible. IEC 60320 C13/C14 plugs are common through out Europe and the world; seems like the ideal candidate to me. Your computer, tv, kettle probably already use these!

  11. I think he is an asshole and there are many more fitting idols to spread this message

  12. Yeah but he is still a racist.

  13. Didn’t he vote brexit back then or my friend just was saying bullshit

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