1. Why stop there? Put another turret on the top with with a 20mm

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    Ragnarok_Stravius April 4, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    The Konigs VK-100.

  3. Do not give WG any ideas, or they will add a 50mm tumor to make the VK muaervrechr levels of bad

  4. What is that bottom diagram? Please don’t tell me it’s what I think it is, because it looks like a damn towing claw to literally pull the tank up hills.

  5. pre war design called they want their tank back.

  6. ‟We heard you like turrts…”

  7. I’m more amazed they think that they would need that much elevation on that giant ass cannon

  8. Also of note; one of the guns that was proposed was the 15cm L/40.

    Imagine that on a tier VIII! They did actually try out a 15cm gun on the VK 168.01 in supertest if I recall.

  9. Double Decker Tank

  10. It looks like a Hydra design.

  11. MORE TURRETS!!!!

  12. Fun fact. I named my cat after this tank. He’s a tank of a cat

  13. What the hell is the point of the smaller cannon? If we assume it’s for softer targets at closer range the turret can’t actually depress that much. Maybe a small flak cannon because this thing would be lit up by Allied aircraft due to it being visible from space.

  14. i thought it’s just a normal e 100, then i saw the picture on the bottom. now i cant unsee the cursed top turret

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