1. Pasar Malam for RM0.8

  2. if you want a legit coin buyer, last time i sold some commerative notes to Dickson Niew Collection located in PJ (can google map it and contact him for appointment).

    the owner of the shop can valuate what you have, but also highly depends on the condition and value of the item. he himself also has a huge collection and knows his stuff.

    but personally i think of its just 1 piece of coin, not sure if worth it la..

  3. Hi,me an old coin buyer, I’ll exchange it for rm 2 since it what the coin value showed (:

  4. u can try the people from instagrams comments

  5. What material? Is it something you found or a 3d printed coin?

  6. The Arabic script looks like *المملكة العربية السعودية* or literally *Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.* Mana dapat duit ni? Cer check kat tempat tukar mata wang asing.

  7. this is a saudi coin from 50s/60s, not sure how valuable it is. My opinion; not much

    Edit: The date corresponds to 1957 AD

  8. try mudah… definitely a few coin collectors from nigeria and us say hello to you

  9. reminds of the pre-colonial coins of terengganu and kelantan.

  10. Im surprised you havent been contacted by old coin collectors from your fb

  11. I’ll give you 50 sen for it

  12. Use Google lens to identify. Then Google it yourself.

  13. 1956 Saudi Arabia coin. might sell it to a coin collector.

  14. Definitely not on Instagram

  15. Dude it’s a Saudi coin from the year 1957 I don’t think it’s worth much.

  16. i will give you nasi lemak + ayam for that coin over paying

  17. Let me offer u rm5

  18. Best I can do is RM1

  19. That’s pretty neat

  20. i think i have one just like yours.my grandmotget gave it to me when she was in malaysia

  21. 4chan coin

  22. Saudi Arabia

  23. Museum

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