Another surreal moment from architecture’s worst advice…

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+361 – Another surreal moment from architecture’s worst advice panel

2022-04-04 11:55:47

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Another surreal moment from architecture’s worst advice panel from architecture

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    vvvvaaaagggguuuueeee April 4, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    “More consequent…” *looks around as if to ask herself if it’s really a word or if she’s really that smart… or if she’s going to get fired…*

  2. I’m an architect. But man do I hate the culture and inflated egos of a lot of the people within this field. You can see it so plainly in the way these 3 people speak, from their made up “archi-speak” to their obsession with themselves. I dont even know these people but Fuck Them.

    With that in mind, you can still find some really cool and nice people within the field. I’m thankful to have found one of those jobs with down to earth people.

  3. Wow, good thing I left.

    I like architecture, but not being one. I’m a cad jockey for engineers and frankly, I prefer the honesty of “keysmash to get cash” than “OH BUT PASSION IS WORTH MORE THAN A LIVING WAGE”.

    That’s not a career. That’s a *hobby*.

  4. The first time I watched the full video my jaw dropped at how explicitly these people talked about exploiting workers. As a recent MArch grad (and working intern architect) this was brutal. So naturally I had to cut together the worst parts.

  5. Fuck our industry. Hateful vibes.

  6. Everything wrong with our work culture summarised in one video:

    – Constant stress about quality of work / productivity / outputs
    – Constant uncertainty / competition / comparison / judgement
    – Low or no pay
    – Working for the passion of “the craft”
    – Working long hours with no consideration for work-life balance
    – Somehow taking pride in that?

    I honestly don’t know what is wrong with people sometimes.. At the same time I can’t say I wasn’t part of it, starting out in particular when I felt I had to prove my worth all the time. Thankfully not everyone is like that though, especially in newer and more adaptive companies, and times are changing more generally, but yeah more or less that is the culture currently..

    Edit to add: to the people who are thinking of joining the profession and may see this, your experience doesn’t have to be like that. But as with any behaviour, it will take a bit of time to change the routes of the problem. You can start making a difference for this during your time in university by not falling for the trap of the “sleepless architecture student” as a start.

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    TeaTimeSubcommittee April 4, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    “How to be in an office”

    Cut to them being ouside.

    Well forgive me for doubting their expertise in the subject.

    I just love the idea of them struggling with walking trough the door and staying inside for over 5 minutes.

    /s obiously.

  8. What the hell is this even?

  9. This is so unsurprising. Small to mid sized architectural firm bosses are the absolute worst. They take two hour lunches and expect their workers to do 12 hour days. And they think they’re compassionate leaders, lol.

  10. In my experience people who act like this are garbage architects. There are a lot of great firms and architects out there that I’ve worked with. This is why I have my own firm I can just laugh at these people and not do their project.

  11. Catch the full misery here!

  12. Why does it feel cringing just listening to them

  13. gross…unabashedly gross

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    yellow_pterodactyl April 4, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    I toured this school thinking I wanted to teach. I hated the vibe of that place. Everything felt wrong and out of touch to me. Including the tuition.

    The pen was cool though. 🤣

  15. Currently working in a large big E/little a firm, and I don’t see myself going back to a pure architectural firm unless it’s as a principal. Killing ourselves for pocket change isn’t worth it, and it’s not necessary (or even helpful) to produce good work.

    The first firm I worked for told me that they loved my work, but thought I should spend more time in the office. I told them “No thank you.” They still kept throwing me raises every time I tried to quit. You don’t need to put up with it, and if a firm punishes you for maintaining a healthy work/life balance it’s not a place worth working at. The hiring market is bonkers right now.

  16. People like this are the reason why Architecture sucks. They must go. They must become extinct if creatives are to prosper.

    Don’t work for them. Don’t help them. Warn your friends and colleagues about them. Make lists, rankings, share stories. Ask for more money. Refuse the long hours. Organise.

    Do whatever you can to DESTROY these fucking vampires.

  17. Symptoms of working for large scale developers I would have thought.

  18. 😮

    This right here is the exact reason I opened my own firm. Disgusting!

  19. These ppl are gross.

  20. Next on *Three Idiots Yammering* Yard Sales: Are They An Activity?

  21. All I’ve ever heard from people who study and pursue architecture is that the pay is insanely bad esp. relative to how much training and skill is required. I guess it’s true. These people sound absolutely gross.

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    AmbitiousDeliveries April 4, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    This is very relatable to my current situation. I’ve got my masters, I’ve got all but 150 hours of Project Management experience (that everyone will tell you is hard to get because they don’t ever let you own anything). But the biggest thing is getting licensed. It’s $300 for each test! And to study for it is even more! If you can’t get the expensive books then you’re looking at a subscription service that’s $200 a month! And all the firms will tell you they support licensure but all they do is reimburse a test IF you pass. I don’t even have the money to sign up for a test right now because it’s all going to just studying for it.

    Meanwhile they won’t give me management experience, keep me behind a desk, and give me pep talks every year when I have amazing performance but “not licensed yet” …

    I’m about to quit honestly, not because I hate the company but because you literally have NO power if you’re not licensed. And they lie when they say they support you getting one. So. Going to stay with a roommate, work at a different company, and save that money to buy my way to being an architect.

  23. Wait. What is this?

  24. What in the name of Tarnation are those two people talking about?

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    Adventurous_Ad4950 April 4, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    Was this part of that Four Seasons Total landscaping press conference back a couple of years?

    Edit: if you truly love practicing architecture, don’t listen these corporate-wannabe bafoons.

  26. Yep. Studied architecture while being a contractor. Now I apply my schooling to my projects. No bs under a form or architect that thinks that paying a shit wage is acceptable for all the work that is done In an arch office

  27. The editing and the production of the video is as cringe as the content they are talking about.

  28. Is this satire?

  29. Yeah I got my Masters in Arch and didn’t even try to get into the profession. What a terrible professional environment. Frustrated narcissists and financial leeches.

    I started my own business and was doing pet homes for a while, now I think of innovative ways to reuse waste and trash. Much more ethical and I can manage my own time, and actually produce good things for the world.

  30. I am an architect. Turning your passion into a career that supports you and your family is challenging, every day. But please don’t take this video gibberish and try to apply it to reality. This is the same panel that believes our next architectural challenge is the moon.

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