1. playing mercenary be like

  2. I just rolled 100 gold on finding a VIP zeri at lvl 9 with Debonair 3 and didn’t even find a REGULAR zeri

    There was only one other zeri 1 in the lobby 🙁

  3. 270 gold later and i don’t hit on my uncontested comp in which i’ve bought every other character at the cost i’m fishing for to try and make my unit show up :c

  4. Me trying to play zeri be like

  5. This was me yesterday not finding any yordles after getting 2nd round 3* ziggs and poppy from loaded dice. Didn’t turn out to be a High Roller after all

  6. False, Deutshcland never bad at math

  7. This is a certified banger

  8. Me failing to find Warwick 9

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