1. Lewis made a joke in 2019 about paying Kimi (who was talking about retirement) to stay on the grid so that he wouldn’t be the oldest next year

  2. Ham also acts younger. Wearing designer clothes, no partner/wife, etc. are usually things that younger people do.

  3. Lewis is into keeping up his appearance. He’s gotten hair transplants. He’s definitely into skincare. He eats very “clean.” Also his dad looks pretty young for his age so good genes. Lucky man lol

  4. In a few years, Lewis can have that cool single uncle vibe that gets along with everyone.

  5. The real question is: Why Is KMag Only 30 But Looks Like An Old Grandpa In A Distant European Village Who Works As A Baker???

  6. His complexion is basically perfect. I wonder how much is good skincare vs good genes.

  7. He debuted 15 years ago, why is this surprising

  8. I mean even without the money Lewis is just a really good looking guy so

  9. So I guess Stroll should be a Benjamin Button by now

  10. Black don’t crack

  11. Well also black people tend to age a lot smoother than Caucasian people and he is half black. Work with a black fella who’s 60 and doesn’t look a day over 40.

  12. I mean, wasn’t he like the youngest world champion until 2010 ?

  13. Lewis will never be the oldest driver in F1 since Nandos only purpose is to last longer than him.

  14. He didn’t start breaking records at 17, he’s been around for 15 years, he’s still not ready to break the records of Louis Chiron though.

  15. Lewis basically reverse aged, he looked 40 when he was younger and balding now he looks 30

  16. Having a net worth of £224 million and being child free would make any 37 year old look younger

  17. Black don’t crack

  18. As they say Black don’t crack baby

  19. Black don’t crack

  20. Say you’re a DTS fan without saying you’re a DTS fan 😛

  21. It’s because he’s vegan lol

  22. No doubt lewis takes care of himself

    But also black men have this ability to age beautifully and it’s amazing

  23. How is this Surprising? The dude won his first WDC before vettel…

  24. I mean he does look old.

    Have people seen the young Hamilton?

  25. He’s second to Alonzo who is way past winning another WDC. I’m honestly not sure whether Lew Lew has it in him either, but he’s clearly still enjoying himself.

  26. Vettel suddenly got hit by an aging stick tho, he looks ancient, I thought he was older than me

    Even Alonso, we’re the same age but he looks older than my oldest cousins (who are in their 60s)

    I guess racing/cycling competitively really wears people down

  27. You don’t get wrinkly If you got darker skin. That’s just a reality of life. The sun is a constant source of skin damaging radiation and dark skin is sort of a blocker of that.

  28. Black don’t crack

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    Lost-Resolution-4183 November 26, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    I mean he does look old lol

  30. Ick. With Vettel out, I’m older than everyone but LH and FA.

    BUT, I’m also taller than all of them, so small comforts.

  31. Boring

  32. Wait are we acting like any of us can tell a black dudes age? I just assume they’re either 12 or 55 until they finally hit that mid 70s look. (Imo the greatest look and personality of all time) I work at a liquor store and am consistently surprised when I check IDs 😂

  33. Isn’t he vegan still? (These guys can afford to eat anything, but being vegan does exclude a lot of “bad processed foods” ) Eating lots of varried plant foods is almost universally regarded as good for you by most medical organizations.

  34. Black don’t crack. Or it might just be a great skin routine

  35. Op what did you mean with that title?

  36. these drivers Age terriblly

    except for Lewis

  37. I think Hamilton’s just got that Keanu Reeves/Tom Cruise ageing. I’d wager the darker skin tone probably helps too.

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