1. Bert is sad he wasn’t invited

  2. Shame Ben Stiller got dragged into this

  3. Is that sbf

  4. Worst blunt rotation

  5. Ah yes Dave Rubin. The pinnacle of intellectualism

  6. Even here, Sam Harris is sitting a little outside of the main circle jerk.

  7. What’s the deal with Harris nowadays? I only really tuned in to him when he worked with Maajid Nawaz, yet I heard Joseph and big daddy lobster man throw a dig at him

  8. Intellectual dork web is the most apt description of this.

  9. Yes. It was cringey and stupid back then, and now it seems even dumber and worse than when originally devised.

    Thank goodness Sam Harris had the good graces to leave this shit.

  10. this was before JP’s war against random kids on twitter that aged him 15 years in 5 years time lol

  11. Joe looks like he’s eating HGH for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this point. 😂

  12. “Smile, Jordan!”

    “Smiling’s for girls. Crying, that’s what real men do”

  13. I remember the days of olive garden butthole. That was my jre…the people in this pic are why I stopped listening.

    Edit: it’s my first comment on this sub, never participated…wasn’t aware those weak losers over at r/justiceserved just auto ban people who use this sub

  14. Before everyone (except maybe Sam) lost their damn minds, but they were still the corniest motherfuckers on earth.

  15. Every time I see this photo I can’t help but laugh at Shapiro leaning away from ‘duh ghey touch’ of Rubin. And Rubin still calls him a friend lmao

  16. would like to be a fly on the table for that conversation

  17. The night Sam Harris realized he was among idiots and propagandists.

  18. This was the beginning of the end for Joe. He went from being a dude that just had interesting people on to a dude with an agenda just like everyone else. I still love Joe and listen to the podcast but there’s no denying it’s not the same.

  19. Even then Sam was not really feeling it apparently lol

  20. I hope Eric Weinstein played guitar for them all after dinner, I heard he’s really good.

  21. Bro, Joe isnt conservative, trust me bro, he’s actually liberal! He has all sorts of guests on. Trust me bro.

  22. When i was younger and more impressionable I kinda half listened to these guys. But when I heard they referred to themselves as “The Intellectual Dark Web” it was like jolt to consciousness that made me realize how silly these guys are.

  23. Intellectual dark web. 😅😅🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  24. This will never not be funny. Complete dorkshow all excited they have a sandlot crew thinking they are edgy. What was Rogan thinking?

  25. so glad sam didn’t go the same route as the others

  26. Reply
    No_Cardiologist_797 January 31, 2023 at 2:13 am

    Sam was always on the outside..

  27. This seemed so punk rock like 5 years ago, now half of them are grifters

  28. What stupid people think a group of smart people look like.

  29. Reply
    extremelylargewilleh January 31, 2023 at 2:13 am

    The grift bubble

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