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  2. That’s the Lauterbrunnen valley here in Switzerland.

  3. Does he have a parachute or something?

  4. That’s not flying; that’s… falling with style.

  5. /r/praisethe360camera

  6. That zoom at the start had me asking why they weren’t pulling the chute immediately.

  7. If you could wear a cape you’d look like a real life super hero flying through the air… awesome footage, it put a smile on my face.

  8. Oh shit I forgot my wing suit

  9. Thank you for not putting some shitty fucking music over this clip. So many cool clips get ruined by some asshole fister who thinks the absolute garbage tune they put over the real sound is acceptable.

  10. Where is the rest? I understand cutting up a video, but you cut out a lot didn’t ya?

  11. The cameraman needs more batteries

  12. /r/sweatypalms

  13. I’m thinking insta360 backpack mount?

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    Ancient_Platform336 February 5, 2023 at 6:52 am

    omg simpl360 😫😫

  15. I always think about how it must take hours to get to the top.

  16. Pretty easy to get everything in frame when you use a 360 degree camera and pan the footage in post

  17. Praise the camera man, kill the editor.

  18. It’s a mounted gopro

  19. That is nucking futs.

  20. Wow

  21. I have to do this once in my lifetime

  22. Totally looked like a video game when I first saw it. This is awesome!

  23. Beautiful , daring.

  24. Could you imagine going back in time and trying to explain that humans learned how to direct where the were going to fall from a cliff?

  25. This is giving me big “Just Cause” vibes

  26. Praise the cameraman. Kill the editor.

  27. I don’t know if it’s camera angles or optical shenanigans, but the fall looks more vertical here than in other wingsuit videos.

  28. Give that gimbal a raise!

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    Errorseverywhere2022 February 5, 2023 at 6:52 am

    That was one powerful fart

  30. First time on Mount Chiliad

  31. Now THAT is falling with style

  32. Smart idea to wear that extra pair of underwear outside the suit for when he shits the pair inside.

  33. The camera is probably a 360degree camera, and they did all the zooming and centering in post.

  34. Wtf is wrong with people.

  35. That camera man is the WIND BENEATH HIS WING SUIT!

  36. I can’t imagine doing this. It’s terrifying. But it must feel amazing to fly through the air like that. It’s like a real life superhero.

  37. Remind me, but isn’t that first jump very dangerous? I remember hearing that so many people who free jump like that end up hitting against the wall and die.

    Anyone know if that’s right?

  38. Kinda crazy that people live down there..

    I’m guessing falling rock isn’t an issue over there?

  39. What kind of suit is that? He puts his arms forward at first and the suit appears to fill with jet stream air.

  40. Legit looked like GTA towards the end

  41. The easiest way to do this is to align the camera with your life of sight, cross your eyes so you’re staring at your nose, and try to make sure your nose never stops tracking the person you’re recording

  42. This video was almost 3 seconds long

  43. OP, I don’t think you exactly understand the definition of flying.

    This is falling with style.

  44. Ever sit back and think: I wonder if the camera speeds up his terminal velocity any or throws off the balance for this kind of jumping

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