1. The whale shark is pretty clearly closer to the camera than the boat. But still a fun shot though

  2. Went swimming with a pod of whalesharks off Cancun a few years ago, it was an amazing experience. It wasn’t scary at all, they were very docile and just swam around vacuuming up krill while we swam alongside. More freaky was the 5000ft of water beneath my feet! FWIW while they have big mouths, I believe their throats are only as wide as a quarter (coin) so they are basically just big scoops.

  3. Lunch time mmm

  4. Just fuck that

  5. If that happened to me, I would be just as glad to not know that was parked but 2 feet from me. I know they are harmless but damn that shit freaks me out

  6. “Jump right in…. to the mouth”

  7. 2 different worlds

  8. Ever since finding Dory I think whale sharks are just adorable

  9. Does not look real

  10. whale sharks aren’t dangerous to animals. they eat tiny shrimp and plankton and are actually endangered.

  11. I absolutely hate these sort of semi underwater shots. Basically my only phobia, but it grew eating all the possible others.

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