1. Not gonna lie, I was not expecting this. I’ve been hearing about Jack the Ripper for 40 years and I have never seen a picture of one of his victims. I guess I imagined cuts, slashes, etc.., but this is brutality on a whole different level. It looks like a large animal attack where the victim was fed on afterwards.

  2. Woah it never occurred to me there would pics of the rippers victims. God she was eviscerated from what I remember- it was the most brutal of his killings and the only one inside a building. Most people believe she knew the killer somehow.

  3. The human brain can be really fucking nutso.

  4. Post mortem as taken from Wikipedia
    >!The body was lying naked in the middle of the bed, the shoulders flat but the axis of the body inclined to the left side of the bed. The head was turned on the left cheek. The left arm was close to the body with the forearm flexed at a right angle and lying across the abdomen. The right arm was slightly abducted from the body and rested on the mattress. The elbow was bent, the forearm supine with the fingers clenched. The legs were wide apart, the left thigh at right angles to the trunk and the right forming an obtuse angle with the pubis.
    The whole of the surface of the abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied of its viscera. The breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone.
    The viscera were found in various parts viz: the uterus and kidneys with one breast under the head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side and the spleen by the left side of the body. The flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table.
    The bed clothing at the right corner was saturated with blood, and on the floor beneath was a pool of blood covering about two feet square. The wall by the right side of the bed and in a line with the neck was marked by blood which had struck it in several places.
    The face was gashed in all directions, the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, and ears being partly removed. The lips were blanched and cut by several incisions running obliquely down to the chin. There were also numerous cuts extending irregularly across all the features.
    The neck was cut through the skin and other tissues right down to the vertebrae, the fifth and sixth being deeply notched. The skin cuts in the front of the neck showed distinct ecchymosis. The air passage was cut at the lower part of the larynx through the cricoid cartilage.
    Both breasts were more or less removed by circular incisions, the muscle down to the ribs being attached to the breasts. The intercostals between the fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were cut through and the contents of the thorax visible through the openings.
    The skin and tissues of the abdomen from the costal arch to the pubes were removed in three large flaps. The right thigh was denuded in front to the bone, the flap of skin, including the external organs of generation, and part of the right buttock. The left thigh was stripped of skin fascia, and muscles as far as the knee.
    The left calf showed a long gash through skin and tissues to the deep muscles and reaching from the knee to five inches above the ankle. Both arms and forearms had extensive jagged wounds.
    The right thumb showed a small superficial incision about one inch long, with extravasation of blood in the skin, and there were several abrasions on the back of the hand moreover showing the same condition.
    On opening the thorax it was found that the right lung was minimally adherent by old firm adhesions. The lower part of the lung was broken and torn away. The left lung was intact. It was adherent at the apex and there were a few adhesions over the side. In the substances of the lung, there were several nodules of consolidation.
    The pericardium was open below and the heart absent. In the abdominal cavity, there was some partly digested food of fish and potatoes, and similar food was found in the remains of the stomach attached to the intestines.!<

  5. The story of ‘Jack the Ripper’ is often romanticized in the line of good old Victorian storytelling, but as you can see: there is nothing romantic about it!

  6. Did he do most of these torturing while victim was alive? Or was this post mortem?

  7. Why did I click this

  8. It’s one thing to listen about the brutal murders and to picture the brutality in your mind. Actually seeing it really puts into perspective the depravity of this psychopath.

  9. Is that a femur?

    Ffs, the more i look at it, the more i see. That face, the leg, the abdomen, …

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    FaithlessnessWaste94 November 26, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    Shit was disgusting, poor woman may she rest in peace.

  11. There is a fantastic book titled [The Five: the untold stories about the victims of Jack the Ripper](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37570548-the-five) that I can’t recommend enough. It is more about who these women were than about JtR or the actual murders.

  12. THATS why they call him the ripper

  13. Jesus *Christ*! ‘Ripper’ was too kind, the man was a fucking butcher

  14. The depraved intensity of his work progressed through his rampage. So this is the worst.

  15. It’s so much worse than you expect it to be.

  16. This photo always creeped me out just thinking about how gruesome it looks. Found a colorized pic on reddit from a few years back that adds more to the brutality. NSFW obviously…


  17. Yeah, this one was different because he got to take his time. No risk of being disturbed by anyone. The first time I read about it, well, you don’t ever forget it.

  18. I’ve seen this picture many times yet I’ve never noticed she seemed to have painted her toenails. This new detail to me makes this poor woman all the more relatable in a way I never felt before.

    A dumb thing to think I’m sure, but just imagining her taking the small bit of private time to do that, in that hovel…gawd what brutal tragedy.

  19. When they said “surgical” i imagined it to be less gory. Why is the face gone?

  20. Another one of those times where I regret clicking through the NSFW filter.

  21. Was the body in a state of decomposition when she was found? Or did he truly shred her up so bad?

  22. I don’t know what I was expecting…

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    Sorrymisunderstandin November 26, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    Wild what people can do to others and enjoy

  24. If anyone’s interested in learning more about the female victims – Hallie Rubenhold did an incredible book called The Five which looks into each of their biographies, and dispels some common myths about them.

    ‘Jack the Ripper’ is so famous but the lives and biographies of each of the women is fascinating and they are so often completely ignored aside from grisly details about their bodies, when their stories deserve to be told as well.

  25. Lemmino did a great video on Jack the Ripper. https://youtu.be/lADBHDg-JtA

  26. Hoooooly shit. I honestly had no idea it was this bad. I knew he was a slasher murderer, but I was thinking like quick hack and slash and run away, enough to scare the people of the time, not yet desensitized by daily internet usage, so we remember it as worse than it was. Nope, it just was. I had no idea he was this crazy.

  27. I find it strange, and definitely sad, that there’s so much reverence for a person that would do these kinds of things.

    We put this shit up in museums, talk about how epic their butchery was, and use them as horror stories. There’s a contagion factor to this sickness where the symptoms are acts of depraved violence.

    I believe firmly that there would be less people who set out with intentions of mass murder if we stopped treating the people they got the idea from with reverence and awe.

  28. There’s a book about similar murders in Austin TX that theorize Jack the Ripper started in TX and then went to London. The Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth

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    PrudentTemperature72 November 26, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    He never did get caught did he

  30. What the actual fuck. You hear about this guy but for the love of God.

  31. Broo whuut.. i didn’t knew it was literally that brutal. I’m used to seeing gore stuff but
    .. dang!

  32. Didn’t realize that Art The Clown was the most accurate onscreen portrayal of Jack The Ripper.

  33. His other victims aren’t too hard to find. There’s a lot of info available with tons of detail, which is either awful or fascinating depending on you.

  34. Where and how do you guys even find something like this 😭

  35. So I just listened to a podcast about this and they said don’t look up the pic bc it’s gruesome, so I look it up and then first thing I see when I open Reddit is the same thing…

  36. Reminder, donot look at historyporn NSFW before bed.

  37. Poor girl. Is that bed just pallets of wood with just a couple of blankets?!??

    Look at her left wrist. That sweet little wrist.

  38. As historicaly innacurate the movie From Hell was at least it did something other works about Jack don’t do, it focused on his victims and showed how those were actual people, poor women who already lived miserable and sad lives.

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