1. CZN Burak > Salt Bae

  2. What life are we living in when David Chang and salt bae are the representatives of an entire cultures foods

  3. All hail the mirepoix

  4. Salt Bae doesn’t represent Turkish food, he makes pretentious jerkish food.

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    Parenthetical_Abyss March 29, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    Half my friends- “I don’t like onions”

    Me- “wut”

    Friends- chowing on cool ranch doritos (at least 70% by weight onion powder)

  6. Jain food (India) excludes onions and garlic.

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    InitiativeHour9366 March 29, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    How did salt goof even make the cut for picks…..allllll the actual chefs in the world and you picked this cunt

  8. [deleted]

  9. Wish they would have used literally any other asian chef. David Chang is a POS. He once flew to Toronto from NYC last minute to pull every manager into a private room and then proceeded to yell at us for over an hour about a 3 start review on Google. FUUUUUCCCK David Chang.

  10. One isn’t like the other.






  11. Onion is one of, if not the most, universal ingredient in every culture. The only ingredient people cook with more than onion is hate or love.

  12. basically every culture (bare some smaller culture-religons) that had acces to onions used them a lot because its tastey, easy to grow, easy to store and healthy.

  13. But Gordon is Scottish and his cuisine is primarily French.

  14. If you wanna represent Turkish food, you use Burak Ozdemir (the smiling chef with the big foods). He is a hero to his people. Don’t use that dipshit with the salt and sunglasses.

  15. Ah yes an aromatic thats available everywhere same with garlic lol

  16. Latin American food

  17. Yes but also what the hell is Salt Bae doing up there standing next to Gordon Ramsay 💀

  18. Chang should have the cleaver; he’s talked about them for hours on his podcast lol.

  19. Salt Bae bro looks like he’s got some powder on his nose

  20. Love it when people would say they were allergic to onions. Well you better just go home then because everything starts with an onion.


  22. Italian food

  23. seriously get rid of salt bae… fuck that guy

  24. Yeah, life is rough for us onion haters /r/onionhate

  25. Yes as a French Chef I hate onion…

  26. Stupid observation and bad execution

  27. Gordon is Scottish and learned French cuisine…

  28. damn I didn’t know people hates the salt dude so much lol

  29. David Chang’s food makes me sad most of the time.

    He really did a great job with this 1 vertical spit roasted meat wrap concept in NYC. The rest is just his version of fast food/junk food.

  30. Oof ow this hurts to look at

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    Elegant_Educator5380 March 29, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    I’m just glad it isn’t Jamie Oliver for British food. He ruined my school dinners and I’m still not over it! Fuck that guy.

  32. It’s the most versatile ingredient.

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