1. The bit where he said that kim talks about his nuclear arsenal but the US arsenal is *so massive and powerful* that Trump prays it never has to be used. That seems like such a Trump thing to say. Also true but still.

  2. That Sharpie signature

  3. I can totally see Trump being like, “but that part about our nukes being more massive and powerful than theirs.. I want that in there” to whoever wrote this.

  4. That’s a very polite way of saying go fuck yourself.

  5. Narrated in my head by Donald Trump.

  6. This is actually the most interesting thing I’ve seen on this sub

  7. “Ours are huge, absolutely massive. We have tremendous amounts of explosive capabilities…” Seriously though this is actually pretty damn interesting.

  8. ![gif](giphy|3YuR0bdGXlP6U)

    Him reading it

  9. This thread is a fuckin trip lol

  10. I thought it said dear Mr Chinaman instead of chairman.
    That would’ve been classic Trump.

  11. This is probably THE way to speak to a dictator who respects power. He was respectful, came off as strong and fearless, yet also compassionate and willing to work together. Crazy to read this

  12. THATS actually fire not going to lie he said boy you talk smack , but we got all the back up if you want some smoke 😂

  13. I like how most people here refuse to throw the man a bone. Lol everyone in any position of power dictates their letters for someone else to write it for them, that doesn’t invalidate the actual message being said.

    Credit where credit is due, this letter went hard AF.

  14. Man that signature gets me everytime. lol

  15. Read this in Trump’s voice and added a few “bigleys” at my discretion to better authenticate the experience.

  16. Pretty decent letter tho

  17. I just love that Trump signature – looks like a polygraph test going crazy…

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    IceTuckKittenHarass March 29, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    “As I token of my love for you, I have enclosed with this letter a solitary golden hair plucked from my pubic region.”

  19. the weird thing is, trump doing a sort of penis joke here probably worked

  20. I mean… Chad.

    “Respectfully, Mr Chairman, my balls are bigger than yours”

  21. this is pretty badass to be fair

  22. It’s a good letter.

  23. Tbh this is extremely well written.

  24. Eloquent, I would say.

  25. “Dear Kim, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling, I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom…”

  26. Aside from the ‘we have loads of nukes’ part, that was… surprisingly diplomatic.

  27. A team wrote it, read it back to him and he signed, he may have said to them, add that ours is so big and massive

  28. Strength. Respectfully pointing out NKs childish war mongering behavior.

    You need warriors to project strength to keep the peace. That is the core of MAD.

    “Better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war”

  29. It’s interesting to see all of the haters in the comments. Trump was the first and only US President to seriously address the North Korea problem.

    The Bushes, Clinton’s, and Obama didn’t make any of the efforts Trump did to open dialogue with North Korea and potentially help their people.

    I honestly don’t care that a staffer wrote this, as this is done by most people in power. My hope is that the North Koreans can benefit from a humanitarian perspective.

  30. He was great at not getting us into any wars… a true diplomat while the media led us to believe he was a loose cannon who wouldn’t have the temperament required to be president.

  31. TREMENDOUS… is basically his catch phrase isn’t?.

  32. Lol when you mofos just gonna let it go.

  33. In the game of chess, you can never let your adversary see your pieces.

  34. Some people in the comments really be like “you and I”

  35. Biden could never loll

  36. Not the biggest Trump fan, but this letter goes hard

  37. At least he didn’t call Kim a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

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    CrawlinOutTheFallout March 29, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    Honesty…. this letter is pretty solid. Maybe I’m wrong in liking it a bit, but that small threat in there was pretty sweet.

  39. I still cant believe 30% of Americans love this guy and another 20% would vote for him because he’s not a democrat. As a dual Canadian/Australian it still blows my mind.

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