+965 (NEWS) Blood Diamond, the team who was…

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2022-03-29 12:30:26

+965 – (NEWS) Blood Diamond, the team who was extremely toxic against Tribe NA has been exposed for cheating by manipulating servers to force the Tribe NA players to have lag. This is a very big deal, as this mean that future teams/players can use this to win easy trophies/competitive events. SC, fix this.

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  1. Where can i see proof

  2. Imagine being a “professional” team and BMing like 12 year olds, honestly it’s just deplorable, hope those idiots never get into any sort of competition ever again

  3. For some context, @toast0ping was the one who discovered & called them out, it is unknown who on Blood Diamond was responsible for manipulating servers and/or if all players on the team were aware of this, but judging from the nature of the players on the team (really toxic players with an exception on cutesans as far as I know), it’s likely they were all aware of this.

    Edit: According to ReddySet (an official competitive brawl stars streamer), all of them were involved and aware of this.

    The main reason this is such a big deal is because the BSC 2022 admins have decided (at least for now) that this isn’t punishable, which has caused an outrage within the professional community because teams have been disqualified/banned before for purposely losing, but this team purposely manipulating servers to make other teams lose isn’t enough for the admins to ban them, apparently.

    You might think this doesn’t affect you as a F2P/casual player, but this will affect everyone, Supercell is essentially accepting the use of this exploit by refusing to ban players using this – Players would be using this on ladder, power league, club league, specially on higher trophies/elo, and go unpunished.

    This needs as much attention as possible and to be reported to the team nonstop until they:
    – Ban Blood Diamond and disqualify the team from playing all together.
    – Give an official statement regarding this.

    Source: https://twitter.com/toast0ping/status/1508534190886862856?t=m7aO4myz-aFwwjesdj-kYw&s=19

    Situation explained by MCDS in video format: https://youtu.be/hSDLleOsHQI

    Qualifiers stream where this happened courtesy of ReddySet: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1430689272 (4:45:00 mark)

  4. when did this happen?

  5. Where can I see the set of games? I wanna see how bad they spin lol stupid cheaters

  6. Anyone knows how exactly they manipulated the servers? I’m not well educated on how it works so I’m not sure how?

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    WholesomeEdgarMain March 29, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    F these guys. Poor tribe must’ve felt so pissed at them after seeing this news

  8. Also isn’t the 1 minute of continuous BM and spinning also a violation of the competitive integrity rules (but I think that’s subject to review)

  9. Imagine if this appears in the video of the โ€œtop 10 cheated in esports in 2022โ€

  10. What exactly happened? I didnt watch those matches as I had classes that day. So did Tribe NA qualify at last?

  11. Imma hate blood diamond for life now

    Obvious Reasons:

    B’m like toxic 9 year olds (NGL lets just call them the toxic children team)

    Cheated their way up

  12. SUPERCELL just kind of needs to get their game together (literally.). I’m pretty convinced the latest update was rushed cause’ of all of the bugs. I really hope they put their passion into the next update and fix the game. Pretty sure the latest Kairos update videos will portray what should happen.

    I kinda thought they were done with these bad decisions, but then this happens. I’m not sure if this is directly SUPERCELL’s fault but they sure aren’t doing a lot about it far as I’m concerned.

  13. Anyone can link me the whole match?

  14. Juicy new nrtwork

  15. A very big problem.I swear if they dodge this..

  16. What exactly happened? I didnt watch those matches as I had classes that day. So did Tribe NA qualify at last?

  17. โ…” of the members are known pro players: Chepo, Cutesans

  18. Boycott the whole thing. Don’t watch it, and try to get pro teams to avoid it like the plague. They’ll quickly change their tune if they don’t have anyone willing to compete and no one to watch any competitors that do join

  19. I remember chepo play for IX and their team cheated.


  21. Supercell: โ€œwow cool! Players are cheating and breaking servers? Letโ€™s buff Ruffs damage one more time for no reason haha priorities :)โ€

  22. Big brain

  23. Dream moment

  24. Patchy may be the founder of this idea.(Sorry for accusing)

  25. Well I understand their standpoint

    Tribe gaming are the fan favorite


  26. this is a terrible sub to post this on considering the competitive knowledge of this sub

  27. Geez. It’s just a game. What’s with these people?

  28. Imagine being such an asshole that you bm players that lost because of your cheats

  29. That’s disgusting, and the bs esports team are’nt doing nothing about it either

  30. now thatโ€™s what i call karma lmfao

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    No-Introduction-1492 March 29, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    I was wondering, if they did get banned, would patchy also be banned? Technically he isnโ€™t 16 so he isnโ€™t actually part of the team, so what would happen?

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