1. What a strange mix of sentiments on this car. I feel like I’m in a starburst commercial.

  2. It always makes me laugh to think about some factory in China cranking this merch out and the line workers developing these complicated explanations for the imagery and bizarre phrases.

  3. Never heard of orange for pitties before

  4. It bothers me that the breast cancer sticker isn’t actually pink but implies it should be.

  5. A Chevy Equinox does make sudden stops. But I’m not sure they’re the kind the owner prefers.

  6. Arizona plates, that tracks.

  7. …At least they hate racism and pedophilia?

  8. We get it. You like guns.

  9. It’s like a little kids homework question:

    One of these stickers is not like the others. Please circle the sticker that doesn’t belong.

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    So_spoke_the_wizard March 29, 2022 at 11:44 am

    At least he provides that portable trash receptacle on the back.

  11. This car has the “I wish I Had a Supportive Father” written all over it.

  12. Very odd mix of stickers that don’t seem to mesh. I agree with some, disagree strongly with others, but very confused overall as to the message being relayed.

  13. Spartans thought the bow and arrow was a cowardly weapon. They thought the only honorable way to fight was in close combat. They would have hated guns and called anyone who used them a gigantic pussy. I’m not saying they’re right or wrong, but using a Spartan helmet and guns in the same graphic makes no sense.

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    Remarkable-Sun-4286 March 29, 2022 at 11:44 am

    “Dead pedophiles can’t re-offend” I mean he’s not wrong.

  15. Why does being *captain dickweed* mean you need to make sudden stops?

  16. But fuck racism yo

  17. Bouncing around the political compass like a dvd screensaver

  18. At least they hate racism 🤝

  19. EMS. = histrionic to the max. (but not racist. fuck racism /s)

  20. Gaslighter be gaslit.

  21. Equinox, they have my pity. What a defect prone ride.

  22. Why do these morons always think that they’re Spartans?

  23. My condolences, it’s like a run over dog about a week old in the summer after it rains

  24. If I can tell your politics within the first minute of knowing you, I don’t want to.

  25. No comment about Gratz or the Donald

  26. Is it happening so often in the US ? I never saw cars with so many dumb stickers in Europe

  27. The only awful sticker they missed was the missaproriated punisher skull police Blue stripey one, bet it’s on the front.

  28. Sure hes an american badass. But he also needs to get his kids to soccer practice plus consider the gas mileage.

  29. Good luck with that.

  30. What’s a pittie?

  31. folks that take politics way to far are hilarious.

  32. Couldn’t afford a truck

  33. Love the rack on the back to carry his electric scooter so he can parade up and down the aisles at Walmart

  34. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve…

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