1. Bill, the Vietnam Vet: 👀

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    SmokingDoggowithGuns March 29, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    Plus you got Spirit and Artist who never killed *anyone* themselves either. (Unless you want to say that Rin’s tome cutscene was her beating people to death, but I think its more likely they survived that)

  3. Bill probably has the highest kill count from his time in war.

  4. The Legion kill count is 0.25 since they are 4.

  5. Ah James. One of the best protagonist I had pleasure to control. His story and how it’s told, it really amazing.

  6. Better ask dead meat to be sure

  7. Killing demons count?

    Ash killed 2 evil clones of himself, a prince of Hell, a mind flayer, a demon car & countless Deadites as well as Hellspawn

  8. Spirit, Plague and Artist all have kill counts of zero pre-entity abduction

  9. Technically Legion’s kill count should be 1 for only one of them and then an assist for the other 3.

  10. 2? who else besides his wife?

  11. 3, if we count the “canon” ending of Silent Hill 2.

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    Red-German-Crusader March 29, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    Bill, leon, chris, and jill probably have the highest kill counts for the survivors

  13. They’re killers because the entity is able to manipulate them into joining the realm and willingly kill survivors.

    That’s why killers like the spirit are in the game, because the entity manipulated her emotions and turned her rage towards her father (who was also manipulated by the entity) into rage that is targeted at survivors.

  14. Legion is also 4 people, but you only play as 1 barring the Halloween skin, meaning the kill count in-game is 1/4.

  15. James sunderland killer

  16. Cheryl killed god, as much as I love bill I don’t think even he can top that

  17. .25 actually.

  18. technically legion’s kill count is 0.25 since 4 of them killed the one dude right?

  19. Didn’t jonah accidentally kill a bunch of people?

  20. Pyramid Head didn’t kill anyone at all, if I remember right.

  21. no need to discuss what other survivors or killers did. i am here for james slander…

  22. Resident evil 5 Jill Killed a lot of innocent people.

  23. The legion:
    4 killers
    Kill count:1

    Kill count: the entire population of Vietnam

  24. theoretically they’re 4 people, they all stabbed the guy once, so they each have 0.25 kills

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    Hanikan-SideWalker66 March 29, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    technically it’s .25 since they all killed the janitor a little bit

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