1. There’s another option.

    Don’t care.

  2. If it was fake then that was by far the best acting Chris Rock has ever done.

  3. If it was staged Chris Rock would have finished that follow up joke he was starting to tell

  4. It’s funny how reddit acts like they don’t give a fuck about celebrities, yet when something slightly out of the ordinary happens, they make unfunny overused memes with it.

    Granted, some of these jokes are good, but that doesn’t excuse the sea of mediocrity.

  5. Taking a break before seeing 20k more Will smith Chris Rock Posts

  6. Are there really people who think that joke was going to far ? I can see people arguing that it’s fake but arguing that the joke was going to far seems a bit crazy.

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    neutralguystrangler March 30, 2022 at 12:03 am

    I don’t think the joke was bad at all. Pathetic overreaction on Will Smith’s part

  8. If it was staged Will wouldn’t have been laughing at the joke originally and they wouldn’t have let him drop two f-bombs on live TV.

  9. Lol, but most ppl are on Chris’ side. Cuz the man is a comedian and has made jokes 500x fucked up than that. Plus the joke wasn’t even about Jada’s condition. It was just about the shaved head

  10. The man child punched the funny man because his unfaithful wife didn’t like the joke

  11. It’s probably real tbh. It felt too genuine and if it was faked, then that performance deserves an Oscar

  12. It’s a loosh net.

  13. This is the first post i see where the version of this slap thing being staged is mentioned. It looked so fake and unnatural. And Oscars got so much long lasting attention because of it.

  14. Maybe we stop giving a fuck and post good memes that are meant to make people laugh

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    Entropy_flipside133 March 30, 2022 at 12:03 am

    I think it was scripted to make people talk about the Oscars again.

  16. I agree with all of them.

  17. I mean, yeah, but you still used the format wrong.

  18. What the hell happend ?

  19. I think they were both in the right. The joke is not that bad and the slap was not that bad. Who tf cares this shit happens in our daily lives

  20. Accurate meme.

  21. if it wasn’t important then you shouldn’t have said it

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    Icy_Independence3434 March 30, 2022 at 12:03 am

    all true

  23. Is it not real?

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    Sygerian_Fuckweasel March 30, 2022 at 12:03 am

    Two actors acted for attention.

  25. Meanwhile the question that keeps me up at night is “Who closes the door after the bus driver gets out?”

  26. It’s either staged, or will is 100% wrong. If you don’t believe one or the other. Fuck off

  27. STAGED!

  28. Ive seen better strikes in Steven Seagall movies. Fakest shit, to where you have to be willingly ignorant to beleive it was not fully staged.

  29. The Oscar’s have been dying in viewership for years now – thus this would totally make sense. Turns out people aren’t too interested in watching paid, pretentious reward shows anymore…

  30. chris just took the slap, staged 100%

  31. Thank you. It was at least partially staged, 100%.

  32. In light of current events, does anyone remember that show Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV? I have an image in my head where Will Smith and Chris Rock fight in the ring and Will throws slaps while Chris just tells jokes about Jada, and at the end of the fight Will is melting in his fragile masculinity while Chris is still standing with his hands behind his back, meanwhile Jada is in the audience getting furious until her head explodes and she rips out of her skin as a succubus then flies into the ring and takes off Chris Rock’s head and flies away

  33. As a lapsed wrestling fan, my eventual reaction was….is this a work?

  34. That’s also the expressions of the entire audience attending.

  35. idk it was funny and goddamn that was one good slap

  36. I just think it’s funny. I mean I have my opinion but I don’t care enough to defend it

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