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    Apprehensive-Bar6789 March 29, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    Similar happened to me once. In 5th grade or so, I asked a girl to be my gf. I never got an answer, but somehow, apparently she said yes. But I didn’t know. So during all summer break I knew nothing, afterwards I got a text or a note from her that she’s breaking up with me because we didn’t hang out enough. I had no idea

  2. Using my math skills, she’s in 18th grade.

  3. Something like that happened to me in middle school too, I was the one who asked. But it was like, a couple weeks before the winter break, and so over the winter break, I simply *forgot*. And basically never spoke to her again lol

  4. A boy proposed to me in 4th grade and I said Yes, Bryan, it’s been 13 years when are we gonna get married???

  5. A boy asked me out on Valentine’s day with a rose when I was in 7th grade. I didn’t know his name, but I said yes. We dated for 3 days and didn’t talk once. I learned his name and broke up with him.

  6. My male best friend asked me out in 5th grade, I was silent for like a minute and then I was so confused I ended up saying yes. We stopped hanging out since then and two months later I texted him it wasn’t working and we should break up, he answered with “okay 🤷‍♂️” and we never talked again. The best part comes when you read my username.

  7. I once had a girlfriend when I was in 5th grade and she’s a really close friend of mine. She’s the one who asked me to be her boyfriend cause she found out that one of her classmate got a crush on me. We still act like we’re friend but a bit awkward lmao. Fast forward she graduates I was left out and we basically went on a different school and we never got each others contact. Fast forward again I was in first year college when I found out that she already got a kid. I’m kind of sad but it’s more of the fact that she’s become a mother at such a young age.

  8. *We still never talk sometimes. Best girlfriend I ever had.*

    – Jamal, probably

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    Psychedelic_Yogurt March 29, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    Lol, I had a “girlfriend” I “met” in an aol instant messenger chat room. I just straight up forgot about the whole thing until like a decade later and was like, “Huh, that was probably a dude.”

  10. Jаmel sаid “yоu аin’t gоnna tiе me dоwn” !

  11. i think this tweet is so old it could be in 7th grade as well

  12. A girl and i “dated” freshmen year of high school (I had a big crush on her and pressured her to be my girlfriend and when it worked, I didn’t know what to do; we didn’t talk or go on a date or anything. Pretty embarrassing). Even though it wasn’t real at all, we never even did the formality of “breaking up.” We later became friends and would joke around pretty comfortably together as high school went on and got more confident in general. Senior year we finally talked about that whole “dating situation” and I apologized for making her uncomfortable. We laughed at that fact that we never broke up and decided not to do we could technically just keep dating and “cheat” on our partners. All in silly fun. That was only ten years ago. She passed away last year when she relapsed. We only saw each other one or two more times after high school. She was a lovely and hilarious person and I’m so sad she’s gone. Through a decade and a half and happy healthy marriage, I’ve been a faithful boyfriend to you, T, and I always will be. 💛

  13. Why are the comments here so funny..lmao

  14. Oooh look at them such a great couple, they never fight or get into disagreements. They are made for each other

  15. Gotta teach them early how to treat their side chick in the future.

  16. wasn’t he 13 already? idk in my country ur 13/14 in 7th grade

  17. cant tell you how many times this has been posted here already

  18. Hey! it was me 😂

  19. The kid was just arguing with his friends about whether he could flirt with she

  20. Sounds like a relationship that will last 😝

  21. He is legal now. For the sake of the Netflix adaptation based on a true story, she TOTALLY has to find him

  22. This happened a few times to me in in middle-school. Each time i would get a random note saying they are breaking up with me. Could it be that the note was mean for someone else? Probably, but that would mean i still have a gf out there somewhere

  23. An Internet classic

  24. In what world would a middle schooler just never go see his girlfriend?

  25. Me and Sarah have been going out for 15 years now.

  26. Why does this statement sound eerly similar to some other thing I watched

    eh, I’m shure it’s nothing

  27. In middle school me and this girl started dating a week before school was over for summer break. We never talked until the next school year and we were like are we still dating or no. We decided not to😂😂

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