1. l caught a viral rash once similar to this called Pityriasis rosea … dont recall it on my hands but my arms, legs, back and chest were covered with it. Pretty much looked like this … recall it being a bit itchy but no real cure just had to wait it out. I am most definitely NOT a doctor.

  2. Hope you’ve seen a doctor.

  3. Hand, foot and mouth?

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    Cultural_Bother_5939 March 29, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    When I say the word “brains”. Do you begin to salivate?

    Asking for a friend.

  5. I caught hfm once looked similar lost all my fingernails, toenails,and calloused skin on my hands and feet peeled off in patches down to baby skin. Took several months to heal

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    Educational_Cold_215 March 29, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Are you coughing? Looks like hand foot and mouth

  7. You are contagious as fuck. Get to a doctor immediately and do not leave your house

  8. you look like cheese

  9. Is the syphilis?

  10. You’ve been to the doctor right?

  11. Well this certainly sucks! Keep us posted!

  12. Have you been to any peace talks in Kyiv recently?

  13. Also sometimes you could help another who has the same thing if you share the diagnosis

  14. Might be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I had that shit and it’s fucking terrible. 0/10.

  15. There’s a fungus among us

  16. Looks like hand foot mouth. Stay away from kids. See a doctor.

  17. This looks itchy

  18. You have the T-Virus

  19. Have you been negotiating with Russians for peace by any chance?

  20. Most of your body looks like a hand? That’s insane

  21. I went to mexico and was bitten over a hundred times on my legs alone. Kept acting like they were healing, and then i would have another flare up. Went on for 2 months. Didn’t look as bad as this though. Definitely see a dr……

  22. Love all the confidently incorrect diagnoses in this thread

  23. So no head?

  24. Could be contact dermatitis

  25. Pityriasis rosea? Looks a lot like what I had three decades ago. Embarrassing but not itchy. Takes for fucking ever to clear up though, as I recall.

  26. Erythema Multiforme?

  27. Can I ask if you have had Covid? A friend of mine had the same thing and he was told it was post acute Covid syndrome effecting his immune system

  28. Looks painful/itchy..

  29. I got this and for me it was called hand,foot and mouth disease

  30. You need to stop drinking too much multivitamins

  31. I have this exact thing right now! My 2 year old had it a few weeks back and brought it home from day care. I’m on antibiotics now, not much improvement but just have to wait it out

  32. I had hands foot and mouth b4 and it looked like that… I have never been so miserable b4 in my life. Hope your doing ok.

  33. Started in the groin region methinks

  34. Hand foot and mouth! Snap! It sucks. Ps. 6 months later it’s still hanging around taking advantage if I get a cold.

    Got it from my toddler who is fine…

  35. not a doctor, but had something sort of similar, i think. they diagnosed me with “viral exanthem” IT was strange.. my body literally, and i’m not kidding or using hyperbole, looked like Rorschach’s mask from Watchmen. you could visibly see the rash morphing around. i didn’t even notice at first and had no other symptoms of itch, fever, peeling, etc

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