1. What about the underthinker?

  2. I’m thinking this would be your position when your pooping tho.

  3. I think this should belong in another sub. Just thinking about it.

  4. I can relate. I wonder why this got so little comments.

  5. The comments on the post are bots or something cuz wtf r u guys saying?

  6. This is me IRL. Funny but sad.

  7. I’m on the right lol

  8. Ouch! Little close to home on this one. Funny.

  9. a great WWE character.

  10. I was looking for funny but i found deep thought and reflection instead

  11. Not to overthink it, but what’s the second difference?

  12. Relatable.

  13. Some days I’m figure A. Some days I’m figure B.

  14. Oh god i felt that

    For you out there, yes you reading this right now. If you overthink all day and lose grasp of reality, you might have a case of maladaptive daydreaming. Congratulations if yes, you’re totally fck3d.

    *Proceeds to walk around the house for half an hour*

  15. wrong sub

  16. Hilarious

  17. 🗿
    „The Moai“

  18. The overthinker
    The one who sleeps on his hands while sitting

  19. That’s clearly a clock

  20. And where is the tinkerer?

  21. r/Im14AndThisIsDeep

  22. You need more fiber.

  23. More like: one has time to solve the issue and it might not be such an important issue. VS: No idea how to solve this shit and I’m running out of time before I’m in some proper deep shit.

  24. The term, “You’re overthinking it.” was created by a dumbass who couldn’t figure out or take the time to know how to explain a simple concept to someone who has never been exposed to the situation/knowledge. AKA a fucking moron trying to look smart and feel better about how much more they “know”.

  25. Man overthinker doing almost no thinking

  26. ‘Ro’ no he ‘din’ dit!

  27. Fuck you for sculpting me. Oh god. I have interacted with the system. What have I done!

  28. Overthinker: Me on the toilet

  29. Always appreciate a good laugh in the morning.

  30. My favourite, thinking about how much I’m overthinking

  31. Pfft, nobody else has reached the stage of overthinking overthinking itself.

  32. They both have bad posture.

  33. And the non-thinker Buddha.jpg

  34. Pretty much

  35. Aiyo…what about the “underthinker”…🤯

  36. i think they should be swapped

  37. the takeaway – keep your second hand off your head

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