1. Rigged up like a cyborg and that’s all he got to show for it?

  2. All them cameras and I didnt see shit!

  3. I’m sure these guys have skill…. But this video didn’t show any.

  4. Is there a link to a full video?

  5. Anyone got the full vid?

  6. get this man a Sega CD title, ASAP!

  7. I remember this being exactly what it looked like in high school.

  8. [deleted]

  9. [Still GOAT](https://youtu.be/s6joglwxWuo)

    Directed By: Michael Mann

  10. “He’s more machine now than man …”

  11. That’s not just a cameraman, he’s *the* Camera-Man! *boss battle music begins*

  12. Is that how they shot POV porn?

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    RonaldReaganSexDoll March 30, 2022 at 6:09 am

    Coolest thing is the Camera Assistant who built this rig.

    The “the brains” of the very high end Sony Venice camera is what’s on the backup, that is linked by cable to the sensor and lens on his chin. The back of the helmet has a counter weight to make movements easier to be natural. Really cool stuff.

  14. I would if the clip you posted actually showed something interesting or praise wort.

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