1. I’ve gotten way more knife kills and it feels so much better than before with the new animation

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    NoWayAoTEndsLikeThis March 29, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    Only the animation has been changed to make it look more accurate with respect to where the knife is being thrusted. Nothing else about it has been altered.

  3. Pun intended

  4. Just like the good old days of Halo, lol

  5. Tbh mechanics are the same, just the animation

  6. I love it except for Zero, it just hurts to look at

  7. Tbh the knifing feels even more inconsistent than before

  8. Yeah I’ve seen better

  9. Putting up a barrier in action phase.

    That’s some high IQ shit right there.

  10. Knifing animation is great but the sound is terrible since the new season released.

  11. CAV my dear

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