1. Never be afraid of your journey for it may motivate and help the next person. Keep on trucking. Proud of you

  2. Proud of you fam!

  3. So handsome! Congrats on your progress!

  4. Get it bro bro

  5. Thanks for the motivation !!! Any details on your program and time?

  6. Amazing work

  7. Looking great. Keep it up!

  8. LFG!!

  9. Lookin good friend! Keep it up.

  10. Congrats man! Hope you reach your goals and feel healthy and happy throughout the whole process.

    Edit: Why is this tagged as NSFW?

  11. I’m holding off on posting my before photo till I’m happy with my after photo

  12. So proud of you! Keep it up.

  13. Damn man good work. Keep it up.

  14. Outstanding job bruh! Welcome to the lifestyle….no turning back

  15. Looking good my friend! Way to stick with it! Inspiring.

  16. Great job bro 💪 keep it up

  17. Way to go man, every day I tell myself today is the day. Every day I fail my journey. You inspire us all.

  18. Don’t be afraid man, you’re looking killer! Keep up the hard work.

  19. Amazing!! Beyond the weight loss, your eyes just look lighter, softer. It’s a wonderful look for you, very handsome.

  20. Congratulations and I hope you continue with your success

  21. Hell yeah-you’re doing it!

  22. You got this king

  23. Great work!!

  24. Went from flo rida to Kendrick. Looks great g. Been working hard myself, pandemic made me unhealthy. Keep it up👍👍👍

  25. Dude! Lookin’ sharp.

  26. What a huge difference! Never be afraid to post, you might be someone’s inspiration! Well done 🙂

  27. Duuuuuuuuuude are those the same glasses ‘cause they are sittin’ pretty on your face and well, frame it better!

  28. Look fantastic!!

  29. You look great dude well done.

  30. Bruh! Incredible difference and your complexion is stunning. Motivation I needed today!

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    Substantial-Spare501 March 29, 2022 at 10:56 pm

    😎 awesome!

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