1. The list of 9:

    “But now the list of symptoms includes a further nine:

    shortness of breath

    feeling tired or exhausted

    aching body


    sore throat

    blocked or runny nose

    loss of appetite


    feeling sick or being sick”

  2. > feeling sick or being sick

    official symptom

  3. Every year my body has just been getting more covidy not me getting lazy, that totally makes sense

  4. It’s anything and everything

  5. Folks, this is pregnancy

  6. TIL: everyday after work I feel like I have Covid apparently.

  7. The strongest symptoms tend to appear shortly subsequent to an all-nighter doing shots of the cheapest tequila

  8. That’s literally the same list I’ve been seeing since this started. Hell my job has that full list hanging up everywhere.

  9. I’m officially sick of covid

  10. *”feeling sick or being sick”*
    *—I thought I had COVID…turns out it was just the rum.*

  11. Funny thing is how it lines up with Allergies, Colds, and Flu. I caught the flu and no one realized it, saying it was Covid even after my negative tests. Like shoot, we forgot about those. Hoping my vaxx and decent immune system works out if I do finally catch it

  12. So basically 50% being a adult.

  13. Craving fast food, having thoughts, suicide

  14. Is breathing on there?

  15. So like life?

  16. New symptoms of covid: Existing.

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    Firethatshitstarter April 5, 2022 at 7:56 am

    Runny nose, yep you gots it

  18. Does thinking about having covid mean you have covid?

  19. Myself and family fully vaxxed, we all got it but didnt know we had it until we tested positive. No symptoms and daily testing showwed it was gone 3-4 days later

  20. I can’t believe this crap was published by the BBC god damn

  21. Thank god they added feeling sick or being sick

  22. I also heard a cleft asshole.

  23. > diarrhoea

    How in the fuck is this word actually spelled? I feel like you can wing it and nobody will question.

    Sorry can’t come in today, got diahyrhea

  24. ^(I’m starting to feel bamboozled…’feeling sick or being sick’. Also, if I turn into a zombie…………….)


  25. So generally feeling like shit well that helps.

  26. Symptoms of being sick may include feeling sick. I was unsure before but this is enough proof for me that when I get sick, I might be sick.

  27. COVID’s symptoms are so amorphous. How does this help anyone identify that they have the disease? What are we supposed to do with this information?

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    BoredNoodleWrecker April 5, 2022 at 7:56 am

    One of the nine new symptoms – feeling sick…

  29. Symptoms include:


  30. Nothing is new on the list, was the UK just lagging behind adding them “officially”

  31. Wow, covid news… where have you been past two months?

  32. I’ve can’t remember a time where I’ve NOT felt at minimum 3 of those symptoms, and that’s on a good day. I’ve never had covid either

  33. Guess I’ve had covid since I was 3

  34. – “diarrhoea”

    Never seen it spelled like that before, must be worse than the shits.

  35. Half of those symptoms are just from working during a global pandemic. The stress so many of us are under is exponential. I’ve had a permanent headache and feeling of fatigue since the beginning of the year.

    Are they sure these are Covid symptoms?

  36. Anybody not currently exhibiting at least 1 COVID symptom is a liar

  37. At this point existing is a symptom

  38. 1. Face peeling
    2. Farting from your mouth
    3. Knee sounds
    4. Hair where it shouldn’t be
    5. Teething again
    6. Sharp ears
    7. Smell twicening
    8. Fight humping
    9. Liver vibrations

  39. Man I got so sore when I had it a week before I showed any other symptoms. I just assumed I was getting old since I just spent a weekend snowboarding (falling) and triple vaxed. Turns out it was Covid. So good to see it’s on the list because it may sound dumb but I had no idea it made you sore at the time.

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    Aromatic_Jacket975 April 5, 2022 at 7:56 am

    I now have an excuse to not over exert myself at work. That muscle pain and tiredness though.

  41. So basically
    Symptoms include:


    Also, yes

    Yes, that also

    And yes

  42. Farting, just say it.

  43. Is dick shrinkage a symptom, please let it be a symptom

  44. One that needs to be wider known is hives/ itchiness behind the knees or on the feet. I saw that on an ‘unusual symptoms of COVID ‘ post snd it’s what got me to go and get tested. Sure enough I had it. But I had no other symptoms at all.

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    Delicious-Brick-9610 April 5, 2022 at 7:56 am

    Covid has now become a part of our life.

  46. I’m vaccinated, boosted, I masked and washed hands obsessively and I have Covid right now. The first night before I took a rapid test, I had constant headaches and cold-like symptoms (cough, runny nose).

    The biggest difference between Covid and any other sickness I’ve had? For hours at a time, I’ll have no symptoms at all, then suddenly I’ll get fatigue that forces me to lie down, and my nose will be completely blocked up. It’s the ‘waves’ of sickness and feeling fine that are different from most illnesses, I think.

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    Jerrys_friend_tom April 5, 2022 at 7:56 am

    I had covid 3 times. I was also vax’d fully. First time I had it they labeled it “breakthrough” infection. I had a bad cold, snot and congestion… (OG Covid)

    2nd time I had it i had no symptoms in respiratory, just shitting on the toilet for all day (Delta Covid)

    3rd time i had it, hoarse voice and headache (Omni variant of Covid)

    Most of those symptoms I would not even realize except for the fact that I have to mandatory testing. I was not down and out and needing any kind of care except some tea and warm broth.

    Edit in-line with different variants.

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