1. My fantasy of being strangled to death by the flying carpet will finally come true.

  2. Ah, yes, “Aladdin’s Exception.”

  3. Wow, I never knew about this, it’s whole new world

  4. wake up babe, new r/comedyheaven post just dropped

  5. That cameramans final resting place

  6. They CAN hit

  7. Kill….. our….. guests, kill our guests, put some knife-wounds in their chests! Tie a noose around your neck, cheri, and we’ll do all the rest!

  8. duh duh dang bang rang dugh duh duh buh buh rah rah bang bang uh oh ohuhdud duh duh dabg bang rang o o o o fo o o o o o o o o “let the beat drop!” a oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh aaaaa hah o dddu hd udh udh bang

  9. At that price point they can

  10. It’s like The Raj in Westworld

  11. The article’s title is clickbait, but it’s an actual serious article none the less, and most likely wasn’t intended to be funny. Therefore, fits the sub.

  12. “Credit: Disney”

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    42069_PepsiMan_42069 March 29, 2022 at 11:34 am

    Imagine getting shot by aladdin

  14. Why is each word capitalised?

  15. sora fucking dies

  16. Yes, but only for the greater good

  17. Stand Master: Aladdin
    Stand Name: [A WHOLE NEW WORLD]

  18. I would allow it, I mean look at them damn

  19. Not anybody else, just the Aladdin actors.

  20. Seems like every guest gets a free eternal reward

  21. it’s true. my cousin was killed by Jasmine in 2018

  22. Sign me up

  23. Alladin’s Exception

  24. Wow, it’s like a whole new world

  25. Replied the actor playing the Geenie, “you ain’t never had a friend like me”

  26. Don’t you dare close your eyes.

  27. Except the Genie I guess

  28. They can hit, they’re allowed to do that

  29. Death by snu snu I hope.

  30. I’d rather not be killed by terrorists looking fuckers

  31. Not only am I getting legally mugged by disneys prices I can also die whoo hoo

  32. Well at least we now know why “It’s a small world” has lasted as long as it has. They use it to repurpose the bodies.

  33. Well i need a job.

  34. *In* Disney Parks, not out

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