1. My eyes are sweating I swear.

  2. Man’s a Bard in real life too, goddamn!

  3. hopefully, he comes back into c3 at some point he’s far too good for one-shots

  4. a dude that was pretending being a hero end up becoming one. the ballad of bertrand bell

  5. Wow, I did not expect to cry today but this hit something unexpected.

    God I love Robbie. What an incredible talented man.

  6. It’s almost unfair how talented this man is.

  7. I’m not sure that there’s a single person alive who would have made a more perfect fit for Critical Role than Robbie… So fantastic that he got roped into this big crazy thing we all love!

  8. Ow, my heart. </3

  9. Emotional damage! I had no idea that Robbie was such a good singer, holy crap.

  10. Back before C3 started, I said that Robbie was the guest I wanted most. Never did I imagine just how amazing he would be. I really hope he comes back at least one more time, no way he and Dorian are done.

  11. So well done. And what a nice surprise to find on this day.

  12. He actually did it that fucking mad lad.

  13. Why are there ninjas cutting onions around me?

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    NoIDoNotLikeYourHat March 29, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    Did not realize I needed this in my life. That was awesome.

  15. Robbie is a gods-damned gift to this community.

  16. I really will miss him on the show… Definitely one of the best guest players we’ve had. And he was willing to play a bard!!

  17. Can’t wait to see him again on the new talk show!!

  18. New headcanon — this is the song that Dorian sang to his friends on their last night together.

  19. God bless Robby Damond

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    ModestHandsomeDevil March 29, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    Remind me again *WHY* Robbie isn’t playing in the main game, again?!

  21. Aw, wtf, this was unexpectedly sweet.

  22. Omg. Instant tears. My goodness. What a great job Robbie!!

  23. Wonderful, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Man I hope Robbie can join back up with C3 in the future!

  24. I didn’t know method role playing was a thing.

  25. So sad how it seems that Bell had a long adventuring life with not many close friends, was finally starting to develop something and then was murdered. I think he’d be happy with the legacy he’s leaving behind in Hell’s Bells.

  26. Did i get slap? my eyes are watery.

  27. We need more Robbie/Dorian!

  28. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

    Robbie is a gem and I cannot wait for Kymal this week.

  29. I cried like a little fucking baby.
    This gift, whether it be for Bertrand, for Travis, for CR, for the critters, or all of the above…. is simply a treasure. What a beautiful, meaningful song. We love you Robbie!

  30. Robbie/Dorian can’t come back soon enough.

  31. Wtf i have never felt more attracted to a man in my life this is beautiful. I feel so bi rn music is wild that it can make you feel so much when the musician is talented.

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