+8859 The Reteti elephants head home after…

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2022-03-29 12:28:03

+8859 – 🔥 The Reteti elephants head home after another day in the wild. 🌾

🔥 The Reteti elephants head home after another day in the wild. 🌾 from NatureIsFuckingLit

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  1. The little dude with half a trunk…

  2. Are they babies or they’re just smol?

  3. The area they explore during their daily bush walks is not fenced, so they have full access to the spectacular wilderness of Namunyak Conservancy here in Northern Kenya.

    Everyday when they head out they can bump in to anything from other wild elephants to giraffe, impala, dik dik or generuk. Even a Samburu warrior passing through!

    Bush walks are always fun! But, come 5pm, everyone’s excited to head back to the boma for their 6pm bottle and bed!

  4. Elephants are such a treasure. Earth really has such fascinating creatures and we take them for granted.

  5. They are usually from Sheldrick Wildlife

    Pioneers in the rescue, rehabilitation & release of orphaned baby elephants, we actively work to conserve all wildlife and wilderness areas in Kenya.

    link of twitter channel where they post regularly [https://twitter.com/SheldrickTrust?s=20&t=BpYgcrHt-8Pv_kirVxyeYw](https://twitter.com/SheldrickTrust?s=20&t=BpYgcrHt-8Pv_kirVxyeYw)

  6. Family of orphans?

  7. these aren’t baby elephants, the humans are 15ft tall

  8. Do you think the workers remember each elephant individually? Like after so many hours they can tell them apart?

  9. Such a beautiful video 🤩 thank you for shari g this!

  10. Can I pet them

  11. I really appreciate people like the ones in the video. Helping to protect the nature is a noble job.

  12. Elephants! ❤

    And that landscape is beautiful!

  13. They are beautiful

  14. Why can’t I have a job like that?

  15. DAMN! Those keepers must be GIANTS! lol

  16. I just love those beautiful little Beasts.

  17. Those people are massive!

  18. Do they reintroduce them later on to a wild pack? Can’t imagine them surviving long if they live their whole life in the sanctuary and don’t learn the survival skills they get from a matriach.

  19. I wonder why that last elephant isn’t joining the herd.

  20. Just so precious. Thank you.

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    king_of_programmers March 29, 2022 at 11:55 pm

    Such beautiful creatures.

  22. Something about a baby elephant orphanage makes me sad.

  23. That place is STUNNINGLY beautiful

  24. lmao why the elephant and the lady at end both strutting like that.

  25. Babies ;-;

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