1. How did Sakura unlock super saiyan blue?

  2. White hair Nezuko looks kinda cool ngl

  3. Wwwwhhhhaaaaaooooo Nezuko is even cuter with white hair!!

  4. Gojo totally looks like a villain with black hair bro

  5. Who dat with tattoo

  6. My takeaway is that white hair is an upgrade

  7. Gojo Looks more cool in black hair


  9. Black hair gojo looks cursed ngl.

  10. Fun fact: Lelouch’s original design had white hair, but CLAMP changed it to black.

  11. Gojo looks just like Vanitas

  12. Nezuko👍

  13. Naruto does not even look like himself more like kenma lol 😂

  14. I can’t believe yall forgot ryosuke Takahashi with purple then brown then black

  15. What the name of the one under Sakura and the one to the left of Nezuko

  16. Lelouch is a boomer dying from old age

  17. Why would you do that ?

  18. Why does Menma have Sage mode?

  19. Lean two

  20. Black haired Gojo is a win

  21. Nezuko looks…pretty good actually, these colors fit her very well.

    And Naruto looks like a filler villain

  22. Hey it my guy Naruto Uchiha

  23. Black hair Naruto feels wrong on so many levels

  24. Reply
    Historical-Draft6564 March 29, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    Why do these all work though

  25. Silver hairs are beautiful but it just doesn’t suit lelouch.

  26. the only let down is ayanokyji , although what do you expect my man literally is god

  27. Orchid Nezuko is dope

  28. Ken???

  29. Naruto with dark hair is much more badass.

  30. Reply
    PrestigiousCan9502 March 29, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    This is definitely cursed

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    memes_are_never_dead March 29, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    Purple Miku looks epic

  32. white haired lelouch is cursed

  33. Sakura looks like a stand user

  34. I actually like Naruto with the dark hair!

  35. Why is nobody talking about Naruto he looks cold asf

  36. Siesta more like *The Delinquent is Already Dead*

  37. what did gojo and megumi do

  38. Changing colours? That’s just JoJo!

  39. lelouch looks weird

  40. They all look more badass

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