+872 Capoeira roda (Jangada fight team) Alex…

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2022-03-28 20:56:51

+872 – Capoeira roda (Jangada fight team) Alex capoeira and Tito santos

Capoeira roda (Jangada fight team) Alex capoeira and Tito santos from martialarts

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    Red-German-Crusader March 29, 2022 at 9:44 am

    Me and the boys trying to learn the moveset in mortal kombat

  2. Bro they’re doing this shit in jeans lmfao. It’s crazy that Capoeira doesn’t get more attention.

  3. Capoeira is hard to understand as most of us do not come from a culture with the concept of “combat games” common in various cultures in Africa.

    It’s a ritualized game with soft etiquette-based rules that differs from community to community. The moves are designed to fit into each other and varies in predictability. A big spinny kick might be “telegraphed” in a pure martial sense – but it lets someone flow into your movements and create a conversation (expression and interaction). Yet the same spinny kick, with the previous context, can be used to bait and trick the opponent into a takedown or a strike (deception, trickery, playfulness).

    Thus the playful physical game of deception, expression, community, and flow that is capoeira.

    I swear it’s one of the most fun experience you’ll ever have, once you gain some competency.

  4. That’s so cool

  5. For anyone interested in capoeira stories, check out Batuque. Fantastic manga about high schooler learning capoeira.


  7. As a capoerist myself I’m glad I didn’t read “such a waste of energy”

  8. Capoeira is such a beautiful art.

  9. Damn that ending was cool. In jeans too, impressive.

  10. There is one move from Capoeira that I’ve seen used in the UFC where you put one hand on the floor then swing a back kick to the head.. great on the few occasions I’ve seen it land. Gotta throw it with serious speed though, seen Izzy land it flush.

  11. That second swipe was clean AF. Incredible

  12. Awkward teenage years made better by Only The Strong movie then Teken 3 introduces Eddy Gordo who does capoeira then after a few broke arms me and the boys finally nail 540 and 540 double fronts and become stupidly over confident show off at prom get some attention go “downtown” get beat up, back to Teken and then rent all the UFC videos from the adult section of our local video store. Learn MMA, love all martial artists, get married , have kids , put on a few, follow Reddit martial arts , watch video of capoeira have a flood of memories of being something once. Go to bed smiling. True story. Haha

  13. God this is a beautiful art

  14. Sexy dance fighting! https://youtu.be/nCIO1KLh-WI

  15. Has anyone ever seen that capoera film with Mark Dascasos from the 90’s? It’s called Only the Strong. If you haven’t seen it check it out, because it’s sick.

  16. I know some folks rip on this Capoeira’s effectiveness. But, damn if those dudes aren’t jacked from doing what they do. looks like fun too!

  17. Loved it. I’ve seen this video before but it always ended with the first scissor take down. Wonderful display all around.

  18. That looks so cool, fun, and difficult

  19. They’re break dance fighting.

    EDIT: [https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/bbeb01ae-61c0-41b0-9353-8f0dc43848d9](https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/bbeb01ae-61c0-41b0-9353-8f0dc43848d9)

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    mentallyunstable7714 March 29, 2022 at 9:44 am

    The backstory behind the invention of capoeira is interesting

  21. That Kani basami at the end of the first minute was a cunts hair away from disaster

  22. Been a while since I watched Only The Strong. Might be time.

  23. Brazil

  24. Honestly wish wwe would adopt capoeira

  25. The whole thing is so rad. The crowd keeping the rhythm, those spins. The unpredictable takedowns. Fun energy.

  26. If I saw a dude score a takedown like that in an actual fight, professional or street…I’d lose my shit. That was sick.

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