1. I just remember, that the window was self cut and built with a window sealing tape from the hardware store. 😀

  2. That’s peak setup for 2004

  3. This kicks hard. The good old days where the Internet was not quite mainstream but big enough to enjoy its chaotic fliar.

    Staying up late in TeamSpeak, getting movies and music from emule and kazaa.

    Everything seemed so big an adventurous.

  4. Bro did RGB before RGB was even cool. What a Legend !

  5. Rocking that WoW desktop before it released… You better still be playing it with that kind of commitment 😆

  6. Damn, the windows, the shutters, and Fujitsu Siemens seals it. Oh, and zoomed in on the desktop and there it was, as it should be: Arbeitsplatz.


    Peak German Ü


    Geiles setup. Meinen Stahlservertower von ~2004 beherbert immer noch meinen PC.

  7. Definitely ahead of it’s time for 2004! Glass portal and RGB (edit; halogen?!) Hectic!

  8. 18 years ago , damn .

  9. Biohazard 80mm fan grill on a blue LED fan, and green cold cathode…yup peak excellence from 2004

  10. CRT monitör : +
    Creative sound system : +
    Case with glass window : +
    Case also has neon light : +

    Case with side cooler fan:+
    2 CD drivers to burn some “old but gold shit” : ++
    Very unnecessary floppy dd: ++++++

    Extra hdd under table : +

    Relics top of the case: +
    Wallpaper from fav. games:+

    My final point to you : 10/10

  11. Did you take this picture with the mac daddy of DSLRs back in the day. Picture lookin nicer than my phone pictures I take.

  12. Check desktop for Diablo 2, there it is! Don’t see Brood War but D2 is good enough. Looks nice!

  13. Damnnn this is the golden days…. I remember I had my first PC, typical dirty white color, and my dad helped me put a plexiglass window in with silicone sealant, and we painted the entire case neon green lmao. Good shit, going to those lan parties carrying your heavy ass CRT monitor… What happened to LAN parties seriously?

  14. Damn. Take me back to 2004 🙁 I also had a ‘self modded’ pc which involved making a custom window with the help of a Dremel.

    Games were so much cooler back then.

  15. Reply
    saltyswedishmeatball March 29, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    The lone bullet


    For those of you that don’t know PC history well:



    No mechanical keyboards for gaming back then. If you went to the store and asked for a gaming keyboard, you would ask “why god, why” because most changed the entire layout of the keys themselves which you can imagine is a horrible idea.

    Years later, someone decided “hey, lets use Cold War tech for a gaming keyboard!” Way more brilliant. Even in the military/corporate sphere, mechanical keyboards became more and more rare. Now its mainstream with gaming but also becoming more mainstream with the corporate world (of course depending on if they hate their employees or not).

    Also, yeah, no RGB or G Keys.



    And yeah transparent mice / anything computer related was big. Also, they’d put stickers all over a desktop when selling to make you feel real big for your purchase, not ever knowing those brands ahead of time (For most people).



    Windows XP was a major leap forward for Windows. It took Windows from being this very office-like boring OS to something fun but also more functional like the addition of desktop widgets that hadn’t existed before.


    Disk Drives

    Two disk drives were common back then.. you would have a read and a read/write. In premium machines, they came with and for cheaper machines, you would buy aftermarket with most having a PC shop do it for them.

    You could actually copy nearly every game there was so if you had a friend that had a game, you could copy it. There were programs to help. Obviously CD’s were also used to copy / pirate music.

    You can see the floppy drive. The floppy drive around 2004 would have been in it’s end days. The amount of storage is so small with todays standards that you could probably fit literally a couple of pics from a iPhone Pro Max at normal size settings at most.


    Custom Builds / Modding

    OP was ahead of his time. The vast majority of people did not mod in any way back then. Even today, if you think about it, we don’t really mod. We build our custom PC’s, yes but most don’t cut into panels.. we’re basically just fitting a bunch of parts together that are prebuilt to work.

    The lighting was way ahead of it’s time too, again not something common at all.

  16. Do you still smoke?

  17. I do not know why, but this screams Germany/Austria to me 😀
    Nice setup by the way

  18. Can we get a comparison to your current set up

  19. The double disk drive. Oh those were the days!

  20. So cool…. I miss the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

  21. Do you still use it?

  22. Is this an actual sniper ammunition on the pc?

  23. If you did not notice. The keyboard was self painted in grey, so it matched the pc-case. 😀

  24. Be using cold cathode tubes?

  25. Perfection

  26. sweet fighter jet

  27. Can we get a specs bru

  28. Pretty clean : ) so unreal

  29. Flash! Still rocking the Floppy!

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    corruptedmithrandir March 29, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    The good ol’ windows xp

  31. wouldnt be a a 2004 PC without a big fuck off neon light in there.

  32. That’s a really nice looking rig for 2004!

    Also I love how online communication was still in its younger years so WoW was basically a chatroom with adventure. Probably the reason why MMO’s don’t stick the way they used to. Online communication is so accessible nowadays (and everyone has grown up) that everyone has gone from hardcore to casual.

  33. Did ya have a dedicated sound card for that bad boy?

  34. Horde player? They were the best for real

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