1. bro does not wanna be there

  2. Somebody take that poor dog home.

  3. Body tense, ears pinned back, doggo is clearly very stressed and doesn’t want to be there 🙁

  4. I feel like that dog has a sound sensitivity. She’s anxious as hell. Not a good environment, some drunky is gonna reach in for pets and get bit good.

  5. Dog will become deaf. Take the damn dog home

  6. Pretty sure that’s how I look when I get dragged to a karaoke bar as well

  7. Don’t bring your fucking dog to the bar. I hate that shit. Most of them do not want to be there.

  8. Please don’t bring your pets to such loud places. This poor dog is showing great signs of anxiety.

  9. He’s only upset because he *specifically* requested Man in the Box.

  10. Pisses me off when I see a dog where they don’t want to be! I see it all the time.

  11. Stop bringing dogs to loud fucking places!

  12. Rooster in chains on the mic

  13. Horrible owners obviously, with a poorly prepositioned breed, this is going to end well…

  14. Service dog needs his own service dog

  15. How’d you find video of my childhood with my dad on the weekends?

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