1. to this day… still dont consider these grav bongs

  2. Feel like starting the 3d file?

  3. not sure what material you used to print this, but if it’s a polymer then be careful…. nothing screams cancer like smoking out of plastic

  4. The two types of people in the comments:
    1. ThiS iS uNsAfe
    2. Where STL?

  5. Here we go again…

  6. It’s been said but because OP refuses to accept it I’ma say it.

    PLA is not food grade and the fact it’s made from plants doesn’t make it safe. PLA has a very low glass transition temperature which even if OP says it “doesn’t get hot” would make it unsuitable for any sort of smoking device. Silicone can be food safe but NONE of the PLA parts are.

    General guidance on 3d printing says don’t use PLA for food grade parts and further guidance suggests that using FDM printing is only going to harbor bacteria in the layers.

    For those of you with 3d printers the files for these are often found on Thingiverse but I would strongly advise against using this for smoking. I’ve attempted a simple adapter for my Mighty out of PETG which has a much higher melting and glass transition temperature and it still couldn’t take the heat of the “not hot” parts.

    OP is doing the community a disservice by trying to downplay the potential risks of mixing smoking with low temperature thermoplastics. Always practice harm reduction.

  7. Mmmhm carcinogens.

  8. Hmmm… What if you added a food grade piece of silicone where the bowl sits, and you attached the other end to a wax pen… here comes the stupid question…. would that maybe be a little safer? Doesn’t get as hot lol

  9. this isnt safe to smoke out of

  10. gravity pipe on thingiverse

  11. mmmmm, smoking out of plastic

  12. safe or not, this is awesome! Good job!!

  13. Smoking out of plastic is Tweaker

  14. This is fuckin sick!! I’d listen to everyone and at the very least, replace the stem that the bowl sits on. Love this, might have to make one out of some old scraps around the house

  15. Yo where can I get the STL

  16. Y’all really be complaining with “that’s not healthy” while in a stoner group smh 💀

  17. What did you use for that gasket?

  18. mac miller gang ❤️

  19. Get a bong stem to put in there, and then put the bowl in. This will keep the hot glass and weed away from the plastic👍 dope project man, I’d love one

  20. Start mass producing the plastic parts to fit standard mason jars and I’ll def buy one

  21. Polish teenagers are laughing at you right now

  22. Nikes on my feet

  23. add me on snap if ya wanna watch me make custom ones and much more @ munnopoly

  24. That’s probably the best I’ve seen so far wow

  25. The kids now have way better toys than I did growing up

  26. This would be very similar to Stundenglass ?!?

  27. 10/10 brother. are the files available and how hard is it to print?

  28. whats the song in the background?

  29. Man I need that file ASAP. Lol.

  30. This is cool as fuck

  31. mmmm i’m proud of you

  32. Dude you are a genius for this. Have you ran a joint or a vaporizer through it?

  33. What material did you print with? Is it cool to smoke with daily? Or party trick type thing? Very cool looking

  34. woooooooow… BUSSIN🫠😶‍🌫️

  35. Just bought a gravity bong yesterday, this is effectively the same shit so good work! now just strap a hookah hose on there and ur set haha

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