1. My old dog once barked until she was hoarse. It was both hilarious and heartbreaking to hear her distorted attempts at barking. She was fine the next day, worry ye not.

  2. as someone whose neighbour has a jack russell, can confirm

  3. noted

  4. I knew it 😔😔

  5. My dog has only barked(while awake) once as a puppy. Darndest thing. Pit boxer mix who only grunts in frustration like a caveman or cries when she needs to shit really bad.

  6. My dad brought small rabbits and our dog barked all day over them. On evening dog did not have voice anymore, so dog just looked the rabbits and was shaking all the time. Dog still tried to bark from time to time, but little or no sound came out.

  7. a dog wrote this

  8. As an owner of a 9 month old sheepdog, I confirm this post as accurate


  10. And I thought grunts we’re annoying

  11. Heh, worked at this one persons house that had an elderly “yappy dog” that lost its marbles at my co-worker and I. Barked till it lost its voice

  12. A friend had a Silky Terrier – if I had a dollar for every time Abbey barked I would be a billionaire.

  13. Barks are free of charge for doggos. Unlimited barks are there special ability. Amongst other abilities.

  14. Can confirm. I’m a dog. I’m also a pig sometimes, atleast according to my ex.

  15. hey thats me

  16. My neighbor has like 5 of those puffy rat dogs and if I stand in my driveway, they will bark until I leave. I’ve never seen them not barking before

  17. [deleted]

  18. I’m not sure what the joke is here? Do you not like that dogs bark? Like over a dogs life do people think they get tired of barking or when a dog barks over and over to tell a human/ other dog that something is wrong or they don’t like something. How else would a dog communicate? Or is this simply just a fact of dogs don’t get tired of barking.

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