1. And people wonder why loans are such a big issue for those of us who have them.

    Do the math with gas at $6 a gallon and average rent at $1700 for a 1 bedroom and please show me how this is supposed to work?

  2. I make $16 dollars an hour washing dishes and I only have a high school diploma. The salary is too low for what they are asking then they wonder why nobody wants to work. If I worked hard and paid money to go to college and get a college degree I don’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck.

  3. Biggest scam was forcing 18 year old kids with no education on financials get 100k student debt loans to a course they don’t even know they want to do, so the owners of our schools can get stacks of money and then if you get out you get paid 15$/hour so you will never pay it off until you’re well into your 30’s and by then hopefully you’re swimming in debt and life and then you’re too old to ever be free financially.

    The game is rigged.

  4. This right here. This doesn’t pay the bills and then you expect someone to go into above average student debt for you. No.

  5. But those extra 29 cents!

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    Positive_Scallion_29 March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    I make 15.35 at Kroger in Michigan as of today so yikes

  7. i make exactly 15.73/hr with only a high school diploma, and i could absolutely find something that pays more (just not in my field). this just blows my mind.

  8. They’re either not actually looking for a master’s degree or not actually trying to fill that position.

  9. I considered putting up an job request ad myself. Inserting my qualification and the preferred work hours: 11-4 and my preferred hourly pay: 45 – Just so I can have a good laugh on behalf of all those managers ranting via mail about my misguided expectations. Just like they must have on anyone actually applying to those job ads.

  10. I had a recruiter reach out to me today for a 3 month contract 15/hr. I responded “I have a masters degree, don’t insult me with this pitiful offer”

  11. Masters Degrees cost somewhere between $60k to $90k depending on the field.

    Salary should reflect that.

  12. I get paid more than that and all I have is a high school degree

  13. People continuously rushed me to finish college. I ended up taking a break for a while, got married, had a kid, and now I’m making 17 dollars an hour without any college degree and all the jobs I see listed nearby all require some degree making less. I want to finish college one day, but I gotta be honest the motivation to spend all that time and money just isnt there right now. I dont see any way it could improve my life at the moment and I see way too many people working dead end jobs while their college degrees just rot away.

  14. Can anyone explain where the cent amounts are coming from?

    I keep seeing pay ranges like this; 15.29, 14.38, 17.86, etc…

    Who is coming up with these numbers.

  15. Not Kim Kardashian! She’s perfect!

  16. I’m almost making double this and only have a two year diploma. This is insulting.

  17. That has to be a joke!

  18. Lol I know of landscapers that get paid more than that.

  19. I am in one of those fields. MUST have a master’s for the job title and my starting pay was about $18/hr…I was married at the time and my now ex makes big time money so it wasn’t a big deal to either of us. We are no longer together and I can barely get by. Thankfully no student loans though!

  20. Ha, I get paid $38 an hour with no degree or qualifications. After doing this for years I couldn’t imagine working for less anywhere.

  21. And 15 years experience. Position: Entry Level, must be available weekends.

  22. This one makes me physically shake with anger.

  23. Tell me college is a scam without telling me

  24. Are the loan repayments for a master’s even as low as $15 p/h?

  25. Restaurant dishwashers in my area get $16-18 per hour

  26. I’ve seen postings for lawyers offering the same, its just gross. That won’t pay rent without student loans much less with them.

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    Straight_Weight_4042 March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    I made almost $16.00 an hour untaxed as a minor when I didn’t even really need money. Now I have a college education now and work in an office I feel I barely even make more money, at least not proportionally to the work I am putting on.

  28. I work at a big corp owned by the Japanese but I’m in the US. I am making almost $18 an hour looking at plastic parts all day. This is absolutely insulting to those that have the degree they’re asking for.

  29. I make more being a living failure at Walmart. But eyyyy capitalism…

  30. “First I want you to work yourself into enormous debt and then I will make you work for meager wages to prevent you from ever paying off your debts.”

  31. Wow. I literally fell into a $20/hr job, with really no qualifications. I mean, I have common sense – I guess you can’t teach that shit though, and I can use tools (I mean, who can’t?). Got a month and a half paid training on the ins and outs of the job.

    I have a work truck and company credit card for my expenses. My boss pays my health insurance premiums for a family plan. Got a $300+ Christmas bonus. Just had a baby and got no fuss taking 5 weeks of parental leave to help my spouse (she had some complications).

    Good jobs and bosses are out there people. Keep raising the bar.

  32. See this is what I don’t get, if I was selling a toaster, but asking for a 4 figure sum, people would question if I wanted to sell it.

    So with job offers like these, the narrative needs to change to “employers just don’t want to hire any more”

  33. What company is this? Is it against sub rules to name the company? I see posts like this that never mention the company.

  34. TIL I make more than someone with a master’s degree.

  35. Should have got a PHD. Maybe you could get $20 an hour.

  36. You American business onwers should be ashamed of yourselves.

  37. not even like a masters in anything specific, they just want people to have wasted thousands of hours of their life on nothing

  38. So in America you go in debt because study something and bring your country forward which nobody seems to cares about and than you get almost only underpaid Jobs with that degree and can’t make a living and pay back the debt.

    You can’t make this up. What a failed state.

  39. So, this is for a teaching position?

  40. Yeahhh. I have a bachelor’s degree, and my manager offered me $16/hr. I said no and asked for $18/hr. They agreed. I’ve since had a $1.5 raise and recently saw their indeed job listing hiring people at $17/hr (they don’t need experience) for a tech or $19/hr for a receptionist.

    Fuck me and my hiring offer of $16/hr.

  41. Ah I see you want to be a teacher.

  42. I’ve begun to recognize this as the classist behavior that it is. Yes they fully expect you to have a masters degree and it’s not because they expect you to take on debt or even to save them money but because only rich people can afford a masters degree and then to work their way up from a 15 dollar an hour gig. They want a certain type of person to work their way up, not the average Joe.

    I say this with experience, do not chase any job that you have to go into debt for unless you are absolutely sure you are also willing to ruin your life in pursuit of it.

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    No-Needleworker5429 March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    Jobs like this would work themselves out of the market as they couldn’t compete with other openings. If they don’t, then it means people are applying to build up a resume.

  44. I make $2/hr more than that and I’ve a high school diploma with “some college”. My wife has a master’s and earns more than twice what I do. This job listing sucks.

  45. Preferred, not required lol

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    Secure_Experience_72 March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    Generous !

  47. What is your masters degree in ?

  48. Fuck off

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    Worldly-Special7791 March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    Someone’s cheese has slid off their cracker.

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