1. Sickler keeps it real.

  2. NAOW, let’s get back to the Dew

  3. Pretty shitty precedent to be set. Comedians already have to watch their backs against drunk hecklers and offended people. Will was tired of being the butt of the cuck jokes for so long and picked an easy target on a big stage. Obviously he should’ve been removed immediately. Sickler is right about Hollywood.

  4. I just keep coming back to if this happened anywhere else, and didn’t involved 2 guys with 100+ million, the guy who walks on stage gets removed immediately, prolly banned from the venue for life, and maybe a ride in a police car. After that all anyone who was there would talk about the lunatic who went on stage and assaulted the performer. It’s absurd.

  5. Racist!!!! Sickle cell hates black women

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    SweatyEconomist1983 March 30, 2022 at 6:34 am

    This is how it went:

    Jada: Will Smith, I fucked our sons friend, because you’re not enough of a man for me.
    Will Smith: it’s ok, I forgive you.
    Jada: in the future BE MORE OF A MAN FOR ME, or else it’ll happen again!

    Oscar’s 2022:

    Chris Rock tells a shitty GI Jane joke, a movie from like 25 years ago nobody remembers. At first Will Smith laughs, but then sees angry Jada and remembers “oh shit, I better be a man, because I love her and don’t want her to fuck anymore of our sons friends!” So he walks up and nukes Chris Rock, thinking “man, I just done good. I MUST be a big man to my wife now, Right?!!!”

    The end.

  7. I doubt any comedian hosts a roast or award show again.

  8. We should keep Hollywood and comedians separated. They don’t play well together…but alot of comedians want to be actors. They want to be a part of Hollywood. Soooo…🤷‍♂️

  9. Smith coming for Ryan next. Turns out Jada got that sickle cell anemia too!

  10. I hope Rock sues the academy for a hostile work place and failing to keep him safe along with some sort of lawsuit against Will Smith if its even possible. I just wanna see these rich bullies put in their places a bit lol

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    rustyshackleford3814 March 30, 2022 at 6:34 am

    Fuckin A Sickler

  12. God I love Sickle Cell

  13. He makes a great point about Rock being on the job when this all went down. I think a lot of people forget that aspect of comedians sometimes. Imagine if a customer slapped you in the face at work because you told them something they didn’t want to hear in regards to your job; and to top it all off your employer acted like nothing wrong happened and even apologized to them about it later. Anyone would be enraged at that sort of treatment. But because he’s a comedian it’s somehow a different dynamic.

  14. Sickler got his night pants on. Honeydew on those hypocrites Ryan.

  15. I find it odd that everyone is just pretending like it didn’t happen… Also the lack of security at that place, Will was unhinged like a rabid dog

    It’s only matter of time until some nutjob goes postal at the Oscars or some other bullshit gathering like this

    Cuck Smith is just the beginning…

  16. Am I the only one who thinks it was fake and was staged?

  17. #cuckwill

  18. It’s such a weird take to me that comedians feel endangered by hecklers more so than they were before because of this.

    Will Smith and Chris Rock were peers on the biggest stage in Hollywood. It’s like Mark Norman coming outta the crowed and slapping Sickler for insulting Sam Morril. If Sam Morril were Norman’s wife.

  19. His laugh is far more fucking annoying than Burnt.

    I was listening to past episodes and his is the only one I couldn’t tolerate and had to stop. He sounds like a retarded clown. I’d take Burnt screeching any day.

  20. Sickler speaking the truth

  21. Cancel the Fresh Prince

  22. isnt the academy responsible for the jokes told before the event starts


  24. they’re all narcissists, i’m not sure what everyone expected.

  25. It was fake

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