+8000 Karen Shoves Pizza at a Worker &…

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2022-03-29 07:09:30

+8000 – Karen Shoves Pizza at a Worker & Tries to Run From The Consequences

Karen Shoves Pizza at a Worker & Tries to Run From The Consequences from iamatotalpieceofshit

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  1. That lady waddling as fast as she can outside reminds me of the type of kid who runs from someone onto their porch and yells “base! You can’t touch Me”

  2. All this over a pizza, gobshites.

  3. Karen Shoves Pizza at a Worker & Tries to Waddle From The Consequences. There fify.

  4. Lol it took more than half a pizza for her to eat before she realized their “was no sauce” 🤨

  5. That’s the most exercise she’s had all her life.

  6. It’s hard to be quick when you waddle

  7. As stupid as that woman is, that girl needs to be very careful how she handles older ladies like that. At her age, a fall can easily cause a concussion or at worse a brain bleed. If she ends up in the hospital, now the girl is up for charges. No court is going to see her as the victim, no matter how hard the other lady threw that pizza.

  8. I know it’s wrong , but I’m that kinda petty. She earned a seat on the parking lot . Nasty, ill mannered creature.

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    Substantial-Spare501 March 29, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    Just a reminder that you can’t put your hands on a person and shove them like this, even if they are a total POS. If the Karen had hit her head, broken a hip, etc the employee could end up doing time.

  10. Keep my pizza out ya muthafugging mouth!

  11. I’m gonna speak full truth. As bad as the karen is, the Pizza Hut worker shoving her isn’t going to end up giving them justice. In fact, now the karen can press charges. I think a better way to handle this is to tell them to leave.

  12. i mean, they’re both in the wrong here.

  13. Not cool, and she totally had it coming.

    It’s just sad that the only person who will likely face any real consequences is the person behind the counter.

  14. She pushed her, cant do that. Hope she didn’t rely on that job for much, cause she getting sacked.

  15. Unfortunately, the employee gonna get an assault charge for physically pushing the Karen

  16. Yea no.

    No one likes a fat whiney Karen but she pushed a pizza off the counter and the employee assaulted her.

    Not a video the employee should want going viral.

  17. guess you’ll have to find another minimum wage job

  18. Yyyeeeah this doesn’t end on a very solid high note for the establishment.

  19. If she hits her head on the pavement and dies, its manslaughter.
    Pick your battles.

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    BoilTossDryFreezeFry March 29, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    I’m not on the worker’s side here. They chased her out and pushed her just for revenge.

  21. A moment of silence for our fallen pizza

  22. Should have thrown the pizza on Karen’s car. 😆

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    vladislavtheboneless March 29, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    Seems a bit much for someone pushing a pizza towards you. To follow her outside and commit assault.

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    ComprehensiveAd8815 March 29, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    Waddling Karen was in the wrong, she shoved the pizza at the employee in petulant anger as she wasn’t getting her own way. She was also aware that she was being filmed. The employee overreacted, probably playing up to the camera that they were also aware of and chased the karen outside in a threatening manner, she then assaulted the Karen.

    Now, Employee’s do not deserve the vile disrespect that they receive from entitled bitches but there is no reason for violence.

    One of the root causes is the shite pay and conditions that US employers pay, that in turn gives rise to a sense of entitlement for customers who follow the often perpetuated myth that “the customer is always right” very rarely are they right and very rarely do people handle this well.

    That’s my 2p on it

  25. Fire that employee immediately!! Thanks for this employee, we now have a Karen with an easy win lawsuit

  26. Nobody out pizza’s the hut

  27. That worker gunna be charged

  28. I feel like not very many people here have been a mom or in charge of dinner for a family. You get busy and grab the food in a hurry, probably without checking it because you expect it to be right. Then you run home and people start grabbing it. She probably saw it was the wrong pizza after people had already started eating. Like maybe they don’t know wtf she ordered, but she does. So she goes back and gets annoyed. And there isn’t a manager there to help rectify the situation so she loses it and shoves a pizza box. Yeah it was petty, but it doesn’t warrant a worker running out after her and shoving her down.

  29. Just make her another pizza. For goodness sake. What’s the cost? Like $3 bucks. She’s not worth losing your job over.

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