1. Arceus broke shiny hunting

  2. I think you need more

  3. Man I was expecting 2 shiny Gengars, that’s actually crazy…

  4. I have a few in Sheild aswell 🙂

  5. Russel

  6. One shiny gastly or one shiny mega gengar lol

  7. How??!!!

  8. I was going to say a shiny mega gengar but this is good two

  9. You need a haunted house of them

  10. What’s better than one shiny drifloon. Fucking 20.

  11. Shiny mega gengar

  12. How do you even manage to get that many of them

  13. Why is one named Russell?

  14. How many alphas though?

  15. So like, this is my favorite pokemon. How does one aquire so many?

  16. Too bad they got rid of Mega Evolution, thereby removing most of Shiny Gengar’s appeal…

  17. 0 shiny Gengar? :v

  18. Where’s the shinies?

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