1. Wow great movement on the waves

  2. That lighting! The details of the water omg. Great job

  3. I thought it was real so theres my opinion

  4. Wow that’s excellent, looks so real

  5. This is so amazing, sucha good job!!

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    the_original_Retro March 30, 2022 at 3:53 am

    Thought this was oils at first. Very well done blending here.

  7. That’s bloody gorgeous. Amazing light! x

  8. Great blending on the clouds. Pastels can be really tricky to work with.

  9. A sterling show of art, bravo 👏

  10. really like that salty golden and brown color from the sun. Good job

  11. You can almost feel the squinty heat of the sun looking at this.
    Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable and this does a tickle of both. Well done Anna 🥲

  12. Wow this amazing work remind me of hope and life👏

  13. WOW!!! It’s a really work of art!

  14. That’s beautiful! You’ve captured the glitter path so well

  15. Reminds me of family vacations in Italy. Thank you for the nice memory and keep it up!

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    UsedAdministration40 March 30, 2022 at 3:53 am

    My classfellows hate pastel medium but this just proves that one needs talent to inspire others.

  17. I am a beginner with soft pastels, and I am blown away by what you did… How did you make the bright little spots on the waves ?

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    Lightbringer_DFFOO March 30, 2022 at 3:53 am

    Unbelievable talent! This is so great! 😍

  19. just b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. <3

  20. Great work on the sun, clouds and waves! Looks amazing

    If I can give some feedback: the blue above the clouds is lighter than I expected to the clouds and waves colour. Not really a painter though myself.

  21. Nice try OP, but I know a photo when I see one

  22. wow, your lighting skills really show in this one. really brings the water to life. kudos!

  23. wow i’m absolutely captivated

  24. Damnn…..this is sooooooo good…I legit thought, this was photography.

  25. Who knew that paint could look so much like paint and water at the same time.

    This is like something outta What Dreams May Come. The cool parts. Not the horrific parts.

  26. Wow that’s beautiful, you are extremely talented!

  27. Excellent work, I really need to practice!

  28. The sparkling sun on the water is amazing. How did you get that level of sharpness from the pastels (is it a type of oil pastel?)

  29. Everyone is saying how real it is but i can help but feel a wonderful dreamlike quality to this. Really great stuff.

  30. wtf I thought it was r/pics at first, damnn good job fella!!

  31. Blended so well i thought it was an oil painting at first lol. Fantastic job!!!!

  32. looks like i found a new wallpaper

  33. People who can work with that greesy shit will always be impressive to me. Every time I try, I go ‘ooo opaque colors’ a few minutes later after trying to get my vision down, and they’re back in the *supplies I might use someday* bin.

  34. The sun glitter on the water is superb! Is all done with pastel sticks or did you use pastel pencils as well?

  35. I don’t even like beaches and I wanna jump in the water 🥰

  36. That will be the new background on my phone.
    Reminds me of Turner. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Never thought it was possible to use that medium like this. Truly amazing… Thank you.

  38. Getting some William Turner vibes from this. Beautiful.

  39. This made me stop my scrolling. Gorge!

  40. Feels good to look at, thank you

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    Unteyetled_username March 30, 2022 at 3:53 am

    Absolutely incredible piece!

  42. Wow! This is so beautiful!

  43. This is really incredible! Do you have a making of movie? And can you share a photo that has a sharp zoom on some area to really understand the texture of soft pastel?

  44. So beautiful, i love the shine in the water ☀️😍

  45. Luv Luv Luv it!! Amazing blending and the way you captured the sun and clouds wow.

  46. i thought this was a real picture lol, it looks amazing!! must’ve taken ages tho

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