+7978 Do you ever get the feeling that you’re…

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2022-03-29 01:02:50

+7978 – Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?..

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?.. from Eldenring

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    thisremindsmeofbacon March 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Dauym what the fuck was that

  2. All the damn time I’ve seen that shadow but never like that before woah!

  3. Come on lore people, see this. WE NEED YOU.

  4. Whaaaaaaat the what

  5. All this time I just thought it was just the shadow moving with the time of day, it’s actually big friend!

  6. This screams a spell cast by Gideon. The guy did a few things in Liurnia and the symbol on all his minions coats is an eye that looks similar.

  7. Got it to reappear. Here’s the video with more details, make of it what you will.


    It appears to the right of the Lake-Facing Cliffs grace point. Seems to have fixed times at which it shows up, but that needs additional testing. I passed time to morning and waited for ~20 mins for it to appear, only to then skip to nighttime, where it appeared after 5 mins of waiting.

  8. Wait wtf. Is this real? I’m gonna go look for that now, this is actually unhinged

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    TarnishedWizeFinger March 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Could this be a Outer God?

  10. Looked like a cyclops.

  11. mf didn’t turn the camera not even once, I’m pissed and impressed

  12. The “Eye” symbol on the head matches one of the tattoos you’re able to place on your character. This symbol along with several other religious/main character symbols (fundamentalist, mohg, etc) are available as tattoos. I really hope this turns out to be something major.

  13. Im standing there waiting and a message appears under my feet saying “Be wary of giant sort”. Which one of you was that?

  14. *Attack on Titan theme intensifies*

  15. Why no turn around and look up??

  16. That’s a really big dog…

  17. Torrent has headlights

  18. whattt there’s no way this ain’t intentional wtf

  19. I always feel like… somebody’s watching meeeeeeee

  20. I always thought these shadows were from the sun moving behind something, so I never stopped to check what was casting them, but holy shit this could be huge.

    If this is actually a secret then I’ll take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about this game.

    edit: It’s just Stormveil castle https://imgur.com/UlNRv7V

  21. I don’t know why, but the first thing that came to mind was the Fire Giant’s “God”. Since they are similar to Cyclops mixed with Headless Men, a one-eyed giant of a “dead” god overshadowing the Lands Between seems like a correlation.

  22. It’s a shadow bug. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExqzsiFhqec](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExqzsiFhqec) – This is what it should be moving at. Not warp speed!

  23. Could that just be a shadow of the castle tower in the background?

  24. Okay this is an amazing find. I’ve seen giant shadows move but I thought it was a cloud! Also not with eyes open like that!

  25. i’ve seen the shadows move dramatically a few times and always thought “wtf is going on the sun/moon is not moving that fast?” never would have expected this

  26. looks like a glitch with the shadows of a divine tower, possibly the one that is looking directly above liurnia, from stormveil.

  27. It’s the shadow of the tower, something is messing with the lighting

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    Thin-Concentrate2516 March 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Doesn’t look up to see what’s casting the shadow 😒

  29. It’s just a shadow from Stormveil castle:


    The angle of the lighting is different so there’s no eye this time, however you can still see a bit of the rendering bug. Also I don’t have a video of this, but when I jumped down the tombstones to get a closer look the weather changed, which caused all of the shadows to reposition really quickly, recreating the effect in the video

  30. Wtf is this

  31. Sorry to ruin this, but it’s just the skybox shifting from night into morning. The change is quick, which makes it look crazy but it’s the sun casting the shadow of the stormveil rampart directly behind you. It’s just a coincidence that it’s shaped like a cyclops giant.

    Teleport to the grace right after godrick as you exit Stormveil into the lakes and set time to night, stand on the top of the cliff overlooking the gravestones in the wall below and stare at the path to your right for like 5 minutes. You’ll see that the pattern on the giants “shoulders are the two rampart towers on either side of the largest one closest to you.

  32. Maybe that is indeed an easter egg, some channel will talk about that soon, but i love it

  33. Maybe it’s the greater will being that the two fingers talk to.

  34. Shadow of one of the beltries

  35. Holy shit. Who else has noticed this before?? I sure haven’t

  36. r/killthecameraman

  37. That looked like a castle rampart shadow.

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    AcanthocephalaNo8417 March 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    So, I am here testing this shadow out, so far I have seen the actual shadow from the castle which is about twice as tall as the shadow shown in this video and is lacking the light that shapes the eye, I will edit with updates.

    Edit: I have sat through half a day starting at the night cycle and the only shadow i saw was during the night right before the dial hit the moon, it went the opposite way as the shadow in the video and as I mentioned was much taller and didn’t have the eye. Hoping that I get the shadow in this video going into the night cycle but it seems that this might be a special event, or even stopped/starts after a certain point in the game.

    Edit: Made it through an entire cycle without seeing the shadow in this video. My shadow is way larger, lacks the features, moves in the opposite direction, AND moves a whole lot slower than the shadow in this video. Seems like OP really did stumble onto a subtle goodie

  39. I’ve had this feeling before with the sky becoming dim and being paranoid but never actually saw this before. Wow!

  40. It’s one of the towers from the castle. The “eye” Is just the windows for archers. Angle and light from the moon. Lol cyclops giant sounds cool though.

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    DeliberateMelBrooks March 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    The fuck

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